Kotoura-san Ep 2: The ESP Club

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Kotoura finds herself abducted by Mifune Yuriko the president of the ESP Research Club who hopes to prove the existence of psychic abilities.


Poor Kotoura-san, what a mess. The episode started on sweet, and extremely positive note. Kotoura was smiling, she was having fun, seriously when you think about it- how many years do you think it has been since Kotoura smiled and crawl out of her guarded shell?! I was so happy for her!

Kotoura-san Ep 2 Img0005When Kotoura was abducted by Mifune Yuriko the president of the ESP Research Club, at first I thought this was going to be okay because it meant that these people actually believe it and look at psychic abilities differently and are more enthusiastic about it. However their level of enthusiasm was something that started to worry me.
Mifune wants to prove that psychic abilities are the real due in order to protect her mother’s dignity. It was because the public doubted her mother’s abilities, she was soon overwhelmed by the pressure and ended up committing suicide. But her selfish desires didn’t help Kotoura already grim situation by putting her directly into the spotlight. While yes Kotoura ended up volunteering to do it face on since she can only be more accurate by seeing the person she is supposed to read directly, still- they didn’t have to do it at all. Period.
So it was incredibly frustrating for me to watch as I didn’t like how Mifune was pushing her and purposely brought up her dark memories to “encourage” Kotoura to help her out with her goals.

Thankfully she realized what she was doing was wrong and apologized. I am actually happy this was quickly done and over with now so that it wouldn’t become a drama later on that would involve jeopardizing Kotoura’s trust in others again.

Then Moritani Hiyori happened. Moritani is such a bitch. I was disgusted of her jealous actions. Fortunately for the first time, Kotoura didn’t have to shoulder this alone because Manabe was there for her.

Speaking of Manabe (yes I saved him for last because this is the best part). He may be a massive pervert (LMAO the ability he would like to learn is X-Ray vision) but he isn’t stupid.

Kotoura-san Ep 2 - OH SNAP



Manabe seriously what would Kotoura do without you?! YOU ARE THE MAN. ALL OF THE AWARDS.
Then he confesses that he likes Kotoura, and I am like, “HELL YEAH!”

Overall this was another great episode, I am looking forward to next week!


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4 Responses

  1. Earthling says:

    The best part, he confessed it LOUD and CLEAR in front of the whole class xD
    Good fella.

  2. Kreed says:

    HAHA love the gif.

  3. Noc says:

    And so just like the first episode, this one was really great, but in more of a heartwarming/triumphant manner rather than a painfully emotional way haha. I really love Manabe, he’s so great! “BECAUSE I LIKE HER, GOT A PROBLEM!!?!” You tell that b*tch XD

    On that note, I do wonder how they’re planning on incorporating Moritani into their little group. Even if the characters manage to forgive her out of the goodness of their hearts (thus proving that they are better human beings than her in my eyes), I don’t know if I will, or how long it’ll take if I do. People who bully others for such petty reasons make me sick! I definitely wouldn’t forgive her if she were a real person, that’s for certain. Then again, I’d probably be freaked out by Kotoura as well…not openly of course, I hate conflict, but I’d be sweating through my clothes thinking she’d be able to hear my thoughts (all my dirty, dirty thoughts!! ‘Tis the curse of a fanfiction writer…)

    As for the president and VP of the ESP club, I’m fairly neutral at the moment. Mifune was a bit conniving here, but her heart was in the right place. ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’ as they say, but luckily she realized she had to stop when things backfired. As for the VP, I really like how he has a serous voice and face behind his glasses. Seems like a cool fella.

    • Eva says:

      I don’t think I will come to forgive Moritani for her actions anytime soon. If she goes with the “reasoning” that her friends pushed her into it- I don’t even want to think about it. Honestly I’d rather see her kept out their circle and not get involved with Kotoura-san and just leave her to be. But clearly that isn’t going to happen.

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