Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 62: 40 Years of Experience

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 62 -  (43)

“They are raw stones that’ll shine like diamonds with a little polishing!” – Biscuit


Gon and Killua manage to start off with Greed Island by collecting cards but then later find it hard to protect the slotted cards without spell cards which made the two of them decided to go to Masadora City to collect some. But then a girl in yellow pigtails decided to tag along with them and would like to play along with their plan.

The route towards Masadora City is actually pretty dangerous to those who are not experienced enough in fighting but both Gon and Killua manage to pass through monsters by luck. When the girl couldn’t take it anymore, she revealed herself as not a girl but a woman who had been learning Nen for 40 years already and is a Pro Hunter!


No doubt about it, I am seriously smiling on the whole episode because of just how shallow and slow Killua and Gon is when it comes to these things. I can’t even believe they are this slow at all! Compared to their selves during the Hunter Exam, they weren’t THIS dense at all. XD I wonder if it’s because of their nature being affected by the thought that they are all in a game, in contrast to what Shalnark had brought to his head. Although this may have seemed to be a simple funny episode, it contains a lot of information as well, especially about the game, Greed Island.

First is how dangerous it is to play the game without spell cards. Not really the danger of that one’s life will be risk but without spell cards to protect yourself against another player who uses spell cards on you to get your collected cards, you’re pretty much the same as one being unarmed. Even though Gon and Killua took their time and effort to join the Janken Tournament to win one item, they still lost the items from challengers just because they lack the cards they needed. Well, that won’t be for long since the two boys decided to search for some spell cards before going for a card hunt for more rare cards to see. And to do this, they must go to Masadora, the City of Magic where spell cards originates in the game. It must be pretty nice to have a long trip to another City but as informed by an information broker, there seems to be bandits and monsters ahead of the forest just north. But, that didn’t stop the two boys’ plan and even got them excited. Not only that, their group number also increased by a number because of the young looking lady.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 62 -  (19)

They are both excited, it seems.

The group that is against The Bomber is also moving on their own and are trying to get one spell card – which is very rare that is used to protect the first 11 restricted slots on the book. I’d say due to its use, it is really rare indeed. Not only that, one trade for this one spell card will cost you all 40 spell cards. It’s a fair trade concerning how much its use can be helpful to those who plan to complete the game.

It seems the Phantom Troupe is also making their move in the game too. They have one goal and that is to get as many items as possible from the game – it is a usual goal for a phantom thief anyway. Of course, the information genius, Shalnark manage to come up with good theories about the game and most crucial one is: Greed Island is not a game but instead it is in real life. Only that, people who uses Hatsu on the console is being transported to an unknown island. Since Shalnark’s reasoning is quite something to buy, I’ll buy that too. Also, Feitan and Sphinx has been going on with their mini-adventure too – kill most players as much as possible.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 62 -  (26)

Poor Guy. I guess this makes Killua safe from the spell he once casted on the kid. XD

Gon and Killua, as I previously mentioned is too dense in this episode. All they are thinking about at this time might be just having fun with the game – although it is quite good to see both of them being like this from time to time especially Gon. Gon’s character suits the game best (I do have a haunch that Ging made this game especially for Gon and basing his own characteristics which coincidentally became Gon’s characteristics as well). And to think that both the boys’ actions made my dear Biscuit this angry several times in this episode makes me want to strangle both of them but that doesn’t matter. XD After all, Biscuit will be giving them awesome training that they might never forget.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 62 -  (21)

This angry face is something you shouldn’t mess with.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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