Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61: Their Friendship

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61 -  (40)

“You’ve got it backwards. Gon, I should thank you. I’m the one who’s glad that I got to know you.” – Killua


Gon, Killua and the other hunters who were hired to play and complete the game had started out their journey and it is seems there are still a lot of things to know concerning the game itself. Like how things are going on within the game and how players play the game of cards where their lives are at stake.

The game was originally made for people to enjoy and the “spells” used in the game don’t mean any harm to a player but then, someone was killed. What’s worse, he’s from the same people whom the two boys just gotten into the game.


Well, who cares about the game?! I care about the Gon x Killua friendship that was reaffirmed in this episode. Hmmm not really – it was just one of the few things I like in this series anyway. But before that, let me tell you something: Greed Island is really a complicated game as far as I can remember. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61 -  (21)Basically, what’s happening on the game is: this is not the game that Ging wanted to be. Gon have said it so. Ging wanted for players to enjoy this game since it was created for that purpose and guess what? Everyone in the game has been thinking alike and it’s not like it is something good but rather, IT IS SOMETHING BAD. There are three (3) ways to get cards for the players to complete their books and these are 1. Find them yourself, 2. Trade from players and 3. Steal them from other players. Yes, simple, right? And the simplest way of all is number three (3) which is to steal the cards you want/need from other players! Originally, stealing them, in this game was not something so big but it gotten worse when strong players would seriously kill someone if they hadn’t handed out the cards they want or if they have failed to steal the cards. But because in this game, if you die, you die in real life too so this thing is not so light to take especially to Gon who wants to follow his father’s message and that is to enjoy this game.

Plus, it gets harder by the day when the two main boys learned about “The Bomber” which is a group of players who hunts down other players in order to get their cards and of course, kill them using Nen. Apparently, in this game, the “spells” – the magic that is used in cards – won’t kill a player or harm the player in any way but one’s Nen can still be effective in the game and THAT can kill a player as well. So much for enjoying a game, right? Even though Gon and Killua were invited to another group who wants to avoid the killing and still planned to complete the game, Gon refused the invitation due to one reason: they still plan on stealing other people’s cards and hurries to finish the game. Since Gon originally wants to enjoy the game at its fullest as his father had suggested, that party doesn’t suit his taste. Plus, Killua looks at Gon as leader and these two adorable puppies just had a little “friendship” talk and I was going all mushy about it. HOHO

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61 -  (38)

Look at this! Gon, again, confessed! :3

For Killua to actually show that kind of face when Gon thanked him, it moved me. <3 Ah, isn’t friendship just a beautiful thing? And too beautiful to even attract an adorable maiden. <333

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61 -  (39)

D’aaawwww :>

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61 -  (41)

Weeeeeee <333 Hi thar baby<333


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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