GoodSmile Company’s Ultimate Madoka Scale Figure

A/N: Due to the difficulties and the weight of Ultimate Madoka, I took very few pictures of her and I didn’t bother to get into details like I normally do and I apologize for the messy backgrounds.

Oh my god. I was shaking in excitement when I saw the mailman at my door holding this ginormous package! I couldn’t believe how big it was! BLESS THE LORD FOR SPARING ME FORM CUSTOM DUTIES, I DON’T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT WHAT IT COULD HAVE BEEN.


Ultimate Madoka is a special figure to me since she is actually the very first Scale Figure, let alone product I ordered from Japan (only to arrive now as my 10th Scale Figure in my collection). The day since her prototype was revealed, I knew I was going to get her- no matter what. However due to my excitement and being new to making a purchase from a foreign country, I didn’t know that Ultimate Madoka was also going to be sold at Hobbysearch, AmiAmi and CDJapan. As result I threw GoodSmile my money for Ultimate Madoka the day the pre-orders opened. If I hadn’t jumped the gun, I would have been able to get a better deal at any of the other three dealers- not to mention be rewarded Points. That was my biggest regret because I love points. Points are fabulous, especially when you are paying a fortune for this kind of stuff. Goodsmile Company’s international store is now where I purchase only exclusive, GoodSmile Shop products since it’s only natural that we, consumers would rather have a better bargain for both shipping fees and receive a reward for our purchases.

Ultimate Madoka Scale Figure comes with two bows (her Ultimate and her Orignal), badass Arrow, four wings (two small wings for her feet and her two grand wings). Her gown is esstially the stand that pins down to the base. The only problem I have with the base is that it’s very difficult to lift from the bottom and once you have Madoka on board, you kind of have to carefully pick up from her dress’ base which is quite frankly, nerve wracking.

For those who want to know the precise DEPTH of Ultimate Madoka (because this was the one thing that was driving me insane after I had ordered her since I was concern about whether she would fit an Ikea Billy Bookcase or not) it is: 14 inches depth. Unfortunately you can’t fit her facing straight nor diagonally in an Ikea Billy Bookcase (11 inches depth), so you are forced to have her sideways. Also while I haven’t attached her wings yet, it is very clear that if I had put them on, she wouldn’t fit inside the case- period. As result that would have been a serious problem since I have no where else to put her except for maybe going through the trouble to put her back into her box and wait until I have a larger display case in the future.

Heads up that Ultimate Madoka is VERY HEAVY, proceed with caution when you are attaching her to the stand’s base. And boy her wings are hell of a bitch to try and attach. It’s like a navigation test. You gotta put it on a perfect angle- and so far I’ve been failing miserably and I tried for 2 hours straight. I wouldn’t be surprised for those who managed to put them on spent even longer in order to do that.

My reaction after two hours:
Seriously how the hell do you put on her right wing without breaking her HAIR I spent like 2 HOURS trying to do this! Fuck this shit, I just won’t put on her wings today!

These wings are evil…

All four of Ultimate Madoka’s wings are a bitch to put on (the two small ones that go on her feet won’t even stay in, they just fall out =_____=;) so I decided that it is not worth taking the risk of breaking anything. I already accidentally dropped to lower part of her badass bow because i didn’t attach it properly- fortunately it wasn’t damaged (it was quite a fall too).

 Overall Ultimate Madoka Scale did live up to my expectations to most part and I absolutely adore her, but it’s heartbreaking how difficult it is to put her wings on due to her fragile hair that could get scratched badly by the wing or damage both the wing and the hair. I didn’t feel it was worth it (due to my record of unfortunate events with nendoroids and figmas) and of course, in the end it wouldn’t have fit in my display cabinet either. Maybe one day I will muster up the courage again and tackle the challenge of attaching her wings when I have a cabinet that would allow me to do so. But for the time being, the wings will have to wait.

If you aren’t interested in spending 120$ to 145$ + shipping (and potential custom fees), Ultimate Madoka is also available now both as a Figma and Nendoroid.

Ultimate Madoka is available at AmiAmi, CD Japan and HobbySearch




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