Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Ep 3: My Little Sisters Are This Cute



Pi021There’s nothing like an Oreimo reference to start off the episode – and I suppose Maria did become Kodaka’s imouto for a while, during the time she stayed over at his house. It was fairly spontaneous to learn that she decided to “run away” in the first place, though given that Kate showed her all the way to Kodaka’s door it was probably more like an unannounced sleepover than anything. Kobato turned out to be visibly upset at first, but I’m sure that she’s having fun deep down – especially with the gaming, where she actually decided to keep practising so she could beat Maria the next time she came ^_^ They’re friends, even though they show it in weird ways. I was surprised to learn that Maria prays before she eats – that’s surprisingly religious of her, despite being an unorthodox nun in nearly every other way. Kate ended up being more worried than she let on in the end, calling Kodaka a ridiculous amount of times during the day until he decided to take his phone cord out. Also, proper toothbrush scene where?

The first part of the Rinjinbu’s “good work” party ended up pretty conventional for their club, aside from the lack of meaning (given that half  the club either didn’t revise or didn’t have to take exams) and a slip-up from Kodaka that hinted to the rest of the Rinjinbu that Kodaka and Yozora knew each other in the past, but are keeping that a secret. I guess it’s just wishful thinking to hope that Kodaka and Yozora’s relationship will return to what it was when they were Taka and Sora, as their situation has now changed, 10 years later.

Even though it was a simple party, it was clear that when the King’s Game was mentioned, things would not go well at all. Aside from Kobato being scarred for life much to Sena’s horror, there was Maria innocently reading out some explicit material (courtesy of Rika) and Sena making a fool of herself in a nearby convenience store – maybe the random picking of orders largely backfired on everyone after all. There was that awkward moment when Number 3, Kodaka was ordered to kiss Sena – which I thought would actually happen after a suspenseful pause, until Yozora broke the silence and made them stop. Yozora’s clearly got feelings for Kodaka at this point, though to what extent she’ll admit them is still unclear. Sena doesn’t want a cheap kiss from him either – but it looks like Pegasus at least is serious in having Sena win Kodaka’s love, and does actually want him to marry her.



I love cute things.

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