AMNESIA Ep 2: Shards of Memories

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The heroine and her co-workers have a trip planned to go and watch the meteor showers. Shards of memories flash through her mind of her experience with both Shin and Kent, however as result she remembers a startling moment when Shin had confessed to her that he killed someone.

Note: There’s more footage after the ED!

AMNESIA Ep 2 Img0039. ___ . Wow I am kind of lost here. It’s suddenly August 1st again and our heroine is the hospital and Shin just kissed her. Is this a memory flash?Orion isn’t there either. I think it’s either a memory or her exploring that memory, triggered by the fall or something. Perhaps she was in the hospital on August 1st before she had met Orion. Also something had happened to her neck…

Man, when she fell off the cliff I was like, “SHIT! Is this part of a bad end route or what?! It feels like it… How on earth is she going to survive that fall? Well first of all we don’t know how high up they are, if they are not too far from the ground, she should be okay. Otherwise I’m hoping Orion can cast magic or something that would catch her fall haha.

AMNESIA Ep 2 Img0030It’s definitely both funny and strange to see Orion make these attempts to protect our heroine. The first example within this episode was when she was nearly struck by a car only to be pulled out of the way by Ukyou. The second time is when he is reaching out to catch her as she falls from the cliff. But I don’t know if he actually can or not.

I can’t blame the heroine for being terrified of Shin right now. She has no outside memories to connect it with, but that being the first- and hearing the Shin had killed someone (be it literal, indirectly or not at all- that is yet to be confirmed) that isn’t comforting at all.
If Shin in fact did kill someone, well I have to say that caught me by surprise, big time. Not to mention that was quite startling to hear that coming from him.

It’s interesting that Kent (I don’t know why the subs go with Kento...) does not remember the festival he and the heroine had went to. But it’s either that, or perhaps her memory is mixed up and she mistaken him for the wrong person.

AMNESIA Ep 2 Img0010Onto Ukyou. Last week we saw him with that batshit insane psychopathic look on his face. However this time we were seeing a ‘soft’ (I guess?) side of him when he pulled our heroine back onto the side walk. He says that helped out like this in the past, but interestingly enough he also points that that she probably doesn’t remember. Another interseting thing about Ukyou is that both the heroine and Orion felt their heart flutter. (Hahaha i laughed when he said he felt his heart flutter (because their souls are merged at the moment))  Be it a sign of love or feeling flustered in the moment, it’s definitely a mystery of how he and the heroine are connected to each other.
AMNESIA Ep 2 Img0031Of course Ukyou’s insane side was once more featured in this episode. He is seriously creepy, I get the chills. When he is in his insanity mode, he has dark circles under his eyes and when he isn’t he looks pretty darn normal. I am curious to know whether he is just plain batshit insane, bipolar, or has multiple personalities, possessed. Also, last week after having rewatched the ED because I was going to make GIFs out of it, I finally caught on to the fact that he was not holding onto a kaleidoscope, but in fact a fucking camera. So now it’s a no brainer to put the pieces together and figure out that he might be some sort of stalker. >___> An insane one at that. He seems to know a lot-…. then again, if he is a stalker- of course he’s going to know a lot about the heroine relationship with her childhood friends and co-workers. He mentioned that going down the path the heroine was running, hints that perhaps that’s where Shin had “killed” someone.

Overall despite the fact this episode did go by quickly, it was okay. But frankly: it was quite boring during the first half. The air-hockey game was really lame. There was no energy it really felt like it was pointless and a waste of time. Fortunately as the episode drew closer to the end, things started to pick up and become interesting again. Finally, with this current pace.. I am a bit iffy about the show being only 12 episodes. If it’s going to be divided into two parts show much like Hakouki and Hiiro no Kakera, then I will be able to relax a bit about how the pacing matter will go.

PS: Ikki and Kent are awesome bros. BROTP!




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6 Responses

  1. Linzz says:

    It’s so depressing… Ugh. This kind of anime pisses me off or maybe because the heroine isn’t really my type at all but I don’t wanna give up on this show yet. Kent is inspiring me to continue and Ukyou is so…. like N. LOL

    • Eva says:

      Hahaha I get what you mean that Ukyou is like N. XD Eh, I don’t find it particularly depressing, but for sure it’s slow. The heroine’s current state is not exactly appreciated amongst most of the audience so hopefully they’ll speed up her development just a tad.

  2. Mai says:

    If I have an amnesia like the heroine…I don’t think I’ll just follow whatever Orion advises me to do? Because even if he knew what happened before, I think trust should be built first. Although I guess they want to show her as a character who’s pretty gullible at the moment because she’s so helpless and clueless at the moment…But really, if I was her, I wouldn’t be so trusting and follow what Orion says. I guess I’m trying my best to relate to her or analyze her, but at this moment, I can’t. It’s frustrating…She’s like…talking slow every time lol and it’s somehow frustrating because it’s like so laborious for her…But oh well those are my thoughts. I like the mystery and I have to say I’m glad there are other girls in that cafe. At least it didn’t feel so reverse harem as it is already promoted to be. Ü I do hope the heroine develops well. That she’ll learn to talk and walk fast and not trip and have a “time fall” (see what I did there? Reminds me of Jumper movie).

    • Eva says:

      I feel your pain for how slowly and softly she speaks. It’s something that we will have to get used to.
      Yeah right now it seems like she is our typical “cluz” heroine we see in almost every otome game/adaptions. I too hope she will get stronger and as she regains her memory show us what kind of personality she has and more energy. As for Orion, I get what you mean by it’s a bit weird that she is trusting him right off the bat instead of confronting the others. But we’ll see. I hope he isn’t going to turn out as the ‘bad guy’ of any sort- ;w; he’s too cute.

  3. Noc says:

    Yeah, I’ll be really sad if Orion ends up being a bad guy…and yet I’m always trying to consider every possible angle, including the one where Orion’s concerned instructions to do this or that are in fact leading her down a bad path, or that his insistence that she regain her memories are a part of his own schemes. But hopefully not! Ukyou seems like an interesting fellow. I had him pegged as the antagonist/potential harem member given the brief instance in the opening credits where he’s about to kiss her (not to mention the creepy stalker camera), and it seems that my thoughts are on the right track a least. I’m very curious to see if his good guy/insane person swaps are part of an act or an actual mental illness.

    And suddenly revealing that Shin ‘killed’ someone without giving us the context or anything…I find it hard to believe they’d reveal the dangerous/not-what-he-seems harem member just like that, so I’m holding off passing any final judgements for now- but I still hate his character. “How long are you planning to sleep for?”- uh, hello? She’s in the hospital? I get that criticizing her is how he shows his concern, but that doesn’t make him any less of a jerkface. And then he kisses her? I just…I just…I don’t understand your otome formula, Japan!!! Gaaah DX

    It seems to me that she’s either experiencing a memory, or has actually time-slipped back to the 1st. Heck, maybe all of what we’ve seen up until now has just been her experiencing memories, going in and out of order- her falling off the cliff made me think back to the drowning scene in the first episode. It could be that she’s been unconscious this whole time, drifting through her past and unable to wake up. That’s a real stretch though, haha. In any case, the show certainly knows how to keep things interesting. Except for the air-hockey thing. Not gonna lie, I skipped that a little, because…there is no place for air-hockey here. I just do not care :/

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