Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun ep 12: I need to up my knowledge of synonyms for ‘terrible’ and ‘hate’



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4 Responses

  1. “whats that?! bullshit mountain is calling?!” – LOL!!!

    I just laugh all the way through your blogs about My Little Monster. Hahaha I agree it’s just getting pathetic at this point. Shizuku is a cute character (to me at least) so I wish her pairing with Haru would be more … compatible. Shizuku’s mom and dad make me think that’s how Haru and Shizuku will be. Foreshadowing much?

    Natsume has an interesting character design but honestly I find her boring, and a baby. She’s way too emotional but I was rooting with her when she confronted her love interest and actually confessed her feelings. GOOD FOR HER! Maybe she’ll redeem herself in the long run.

    I think I’ll keep watching this series just to see how it ends up. I hope you keep writing about this show because I very much enjoy reading your rants.

  2. Mai says:

    LMAO!!! Hahahaha XD I don’t even watch this show anymore, but I just read your reviews because I believe they are better than the show itself. I’ve read the manga and enjoyed some of its moments, but really, the whole story is horrible. The best of them all is really Yamaken. He’s too cute!!! I love him more than any disordered character in there dammit!! XD

    Oh yeahh next ep would be the time Shizuku and Haru would be oh so perfect and realize and all that and become crazies over each other, and I still don’t care too because they so don’t feel good as a couple. Hahahah ^^ I believe next ep would be the most horrible get-together ever, but yeah we could have a good laugh with your funny reviews and remarks and relief would be there since this horrible show would be so oh-ver, and the only thing we’re going to be sad about is that we can’t rant about it anymore!! XD

    P.S. I really couldn’t understand those people who hail this show. It can be refreshing at some parts, but really, they are failing to see it in a bigger picture and are so blinded because it’s-oh-so-refreshing when I had read tons of manga that are oh-so-much-refreshing and are not as horrible as this.

  3. Linzz says:

    I agree with Mai.

    This show sucks while Oki’s rants are better. HOHOHOHO

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