Robotics; Notes Episode 11: Kimijima Report No. 3

Robotics Notes Episode 11 -  (31)

“Forget everything you know about Kimijima Kou.” – Senomiya Misaki


Kai and Frau are still doing their cheat hunting and at the same time discussing about Frau’s mother and the Kimijima Reports. In the end, they decided to search for the third Kimijima report and set the usual flags it needed and this time, about taking a photo of a flower, rock piling and focusing a cave.

As the Kimijima Report No. 3 was read and talked about the Solar Storm to come, more shocking news arrived the main characters’ ears.


And when I thought this series has finally slowed down the pace by going on events one by one, again, they put up more information than needed. LOL After watching Zetsuen no Tempest, I don’t think my mind is working well with this episode as well but thanks to Frau’s awesome expressions and obsessions, I get to hang around the episode better. I don’t think I’d be able to face BTOOOM! ‘s episode after this. XD

Robotics Notes Episode 11 -  (25)

Kai is pretty much enjoying it though. lol

Same as the second Kimijima report, the next numbered report’s flags are as childish as ever. Kai has to trouble himself with staying up three straight hours to focus a cave opening with his pokecom, and has to stack specific number of layers of stones in one buried shrine stone. He did thought about cheating and Airi seems to be worried about it. Should we recall that Kai did cheat on one of the flags of the previous Kimijima report, the racing track? LOL That one should have reach Airi’s information web. Well, Kai is a character that doesn’t want to exert that much effort on things he isn’t that much interested but because of what happened this episode, I doubt his interest for the Kimijima reports will go down – it might even get higher. With the flags already set, the third report of Kimijima Kou was found and this time, it was about Project Atom – which predicted about the Solar Storm that is about to come and also mentioned some manufacturers that will succeed some robotics development in the future including where Misa is working, EXOSKELETON.

Aside from the Kimijima report, it seems that the Robotics Club has somehow managed to keep their regular pace with the development of GunPro-1. They even manage to start with Number 2’s pre-set motions without even doing some blue prints first. But I guess this is how a group with random people does a good job. And poor Jun for being the subject of Frau’s obsession. It must have been hard for our little girl. Also, Nae’s been pretty much busy on helping out the Club as well but heading for Tokyo at the moment. Does this mean no Nae for the mean time?! D8

So, now onto the real deal. Frau and Kai, who was in the middle of detecting cheaters on Kill-Ballad especially the top four players above Kai on the ranking, accidentally had the cheat detector acquired a virus. It was a pretty bad thing for Frau and made her “Tokyo friends” do a job and visit each places of the top four players. I am pretty curious about these Tokyo friends that she’s been saying. Don’t tell me, it’s gonna be those guys suited in black with shades just like those with Nae. Feels like it. LMAO But of course, some shocking news reached Frau. It is seems that three from the top four are already dead by half a year already. Not only that, Kai just managed to defeat one of the players a little earlier whom he’s one of the player that are already dead. Sure, it can be a ghost of a player but, seriously? It must have been another person playing the character but the thing is, after receiving that news, all those three players were dropped from the ranking making Kai placed second.

Not yet enough news? Well, they just dumped more! Apparently, the last episode of Gunvarell has been leaked out and it even reached the media’s attention and, of course, its avid fans such as Aki. Although the last episode that was leaked was just drafts, the story has been told and pretty much, it shocked both Aki and Kai with different reasons. For Aki, it wasn’t the Gunvarell that she had known. It was supposed to be a kid’s show, aiming for world justice and yet, it had such a cruel ending. As for Kai, it was because the last episode of the anime was like the things mentioned on Kimijima’s reports – which he knows pretty not much of a conincidence.

Robotics Notes Episode 11 -  (34)

The said to be solar storm that is gonna come to end the world. We just passed the rumored end of the world then we get this episode from Robotics; Notes. Is this a coincidence? LOL

The episode ended with Misa (finally) contacted Kai after receiving his message that he wants to know about Kimijima Kou and tells the kid to forget everything about Kimijima Kou. Also, Mizuka, the convenience store owner, said the same thing.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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