Robotics; Notes Episode 10: Moving On

Robotics Notes Episode 10 -  (10)

“There’s no point in being obsessed with a machine you cannot complete.” – Hidaka Subaru


The Robotics Club’s downfall with GunPro-1’s first test run made everything in chaos and at the same time made Aki think twice about what’s going to happen to the club and to its projects and future plans especially the thing that they have been looking forward to: The Expo.

With things at hand, all they need is Aki’s decision and which is, to proceed with the next robot to build: GunPro-2.


Sure, Aki’s persistence seriously gets on my nerves sometimes but this is actually what makes her a very cunning and at the same time, a very special character. C’mon, who wouldn’t want a person who would pester you to make it run monopoles anyway? She can.

Robotics Notes Episode 10 -  (5)Let’s see: with the previous episode’s fast pace of events, we get another mystery on our hand. While Kai has been seriously trying to track down cheaters in Kill-Ballad, he accidentally witnesses a monopole to have actually dropped from the sky – yes, an unbelievable matter. I never thought such term exists in sci-fi anyway (well, I am not a big fan of sci-fi that much when it doesn’t have some cool humor in them). What are monopoles? Monopoles are actually what it says it is: a magnet that only has one pole. Term such as “monopole” is described to things that don’t emit any magnetic force which has originally two poles with one broken or one which originally have only one pole. Most likely, you’re going to encounter this word during Chemistry since I did. Here, the “monopole” that we’re talking about is a magnet with only one pole. First thing is, dividing a magnet won’t cause one to make it a monopole since it’ll still have two opposite poles. IDK what does this monopole got to do with everything else but I doubt it is actually from the Sun. LOL

Robotics Notes Episode 10 -  (23)

Uh-huh, our Subaru, blushing. PRECIOUS.

JAXA is still open for their offer to help out the club to build a giant robot together, thankfully. Because of this, Subaru took the advantage where Aki is still uncertain on things especially concerning about GunPro-1. With this, he obviously take the time on explaining the problem with Aki’s motive and what has the initial outcome of GunPro-1 had from the previous episode. Frankly, Aki’s delusions had always been something that gets me irritated but the way she would look at it as the club’s main project was something else so I really do appreciate all her effort. Not only that they got to decide on another project to start with and this time, to work together with JAXA, they also realized that the members of the Robotics Club composes of members with unique personalities and specialties and at the same time, perfect to the project that they will be engrossed in.

Nae is pretty much interested with the plan. They even went as far as thinking of using Iru-o applications for their projects since too much metal will make the giant robot move. I say that is a very clever idea! Plus, with Frau’s Kill-Ballad controls and Kai’s piloting moves, I don’t think there will never be a better idea than this. I do hope they get to make the robot punch and jump and do all those Kill-Ballad moves too. XD

Robotics Notes Episode 10 -  (18)

I just have to mention how I love the scenery in this series and how they have animated the whole thing.

Sure the club members are a funny bunch but they are all cool and awesome in their own ways, especially Frau, my favorite.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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