Psycho-Pass Episode 11: Pure White


I love cute things.

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8 Responses

  1. KF says:

    Makishima, redefining what it means to be a complete monster. Poor Akane and fuck you Sibyl – you ain’t God!


    • Vantage says:

      Except Makishima is a happy, honest citizen in the eyes of Sibyl – which is unfortunately where it matters, and therefore where the problem lies. If you murder him without the Dominator, you get targeted by Sibyl as a result. The people who are in the best situation to kill him would be the Enforcers, and so Makishima was clever enough to stay out of their range and only reveal himself to Akane. What a cunning bastard…

      • Suppa Tenko says:

        This is a lot like in 666 Satan where the main character’s weapon can only hurt those with evil in their heart, except those with Angel powers are considered sinless in the world no matter how evil they are and those with devil powers are considered pure evil no matter how good they are.

  2. c2710 says:

    I’m still reeling from this episode. Yuki shouldn’t die =(

    I had a sinking feeling when she was dragged away. I was truly hoping that she won’t be done in

  3. Etrius Lau says:

    What exactly is the mozart song from episode 11?

    • Vantage says:

      I did some searching around, and it’s actually Ode to Joy by Beethoven – my bad. It did sound very much like something Mozart would compose though.

  4. delinc says:

    honestly the second Yuki was grabbed, I had a sinking feeling she was done for, this anime spares no bitchassness when it comes to delivering the whole “shhhu bang” feel. on another note it was pretty obvious akane was hella fucking useless, and in my honest opinion shes a stupid bitch for not saving her friend, regardless of the system, so many past episodes she defies sybll system or w/e through keen honest judgement and she was always morally correct, why the fuck couldnt she just do it again pull the trigger to save her friend, sybll was wrong and its obvious the whole point of the anime is to prove that, and its always obvious they made akane absolutely useless for us to hate her etc, its like purposeful rage for character development, i just sincerely wished even though i knew it was impossible that yuki didn’t die, her soul purpose in the anime was to die because she was attached to akane i mean it was a coin flip they coulda killed the glasses girl instead.

    oh well this anime has successfully made me sad and have to watch it to the point where i hope they catch that sick fuck makishima or w/e and the sybll system is destroyed, hopefully its not a nice boat ending where its seriously random as hell.

    • Vantage says:

      With the real shotgun, there was always the chance that she could have accidentally shot Yuki instead, but I agree that she fired recklessly without thinking properly. It’s true that Akane’s been more of a medium for us viewers to learn about the society they live in, rather than a proper main character, but hopefully now that Yuki’s dead, her mentality will have changed and she’ll take a stronger stand against Makishima and Sibyl.

      It’s possible that Makishima might be stopped by the end, but the entire Sibyl System getting abolished is far too positive a thought for the sadistic mastermind that is Urobuchi Gen. I’m still counting on Urobuchi killing off a large majority of the cast in the very near future.

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