Magi Episode 12: Determination and Separation


I love cute things.

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4 Responses

  1. PinKunoichi says:

    Actually, that’s pretty much all he learned and trained before storming the palace, but they did leave out a few scenes such as a funny one about Alibaba looking like Amon if he did a full Djinn equip. And for some reason they changed the conversation with Ja’Far after that. Yamuraiha was never mentioned at all in the manga, not even sure where that came from. She’s not even introduced until after the arc. The original conversation was instead about how the training would be meaningful for Alibaba even if he was just gonna become king, and how Sinbad would inform his ambassadors that are coming. Also, while Judal did raise a few dungeons for Sinbad, the anime kind of implies that he raised the first one he went into which is false. That was by another Magi named Yunan.

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah they probably skipped the rest because Alibaba never made any significant progress after that. And I was wondering why they randomly mentioned Yamu here. It’d serve as foreshadowing for the arc after this as well as the future revelations against “that”, but it was likely changed for some anime-specific reason.

      It’s true that Baal was raised by Yunan, but he’s only been seen in silhouettes in the anime, so we should avoid treading into spoiler territory xD We may not even meet the other Magi if the anime stops at 24 episodes, which I’ve heard rumours of it doing. Oh well, we’ll find out more from the new OP next week.

  2. Linzz says:

    It was a shock to me that Sinbad is THAT dense. That was a total turn off. LOLOLOL

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