Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 10: The Cries of a Kamisama Hajimemashita Fangirl


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4 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    I too am upset over the recent jumps in the timeline. I mean, at this point there’s no real reason for Tomoe to be feeling jealous over Nanami hanging out with other guys, which is what that Go-kon chapter was all about really. And seeing Tomoe’s past was nice an all, but the mentioning of his curse doesn’t really link up with anything that’s going on right now, so when the anime’s over the viewers are all going to be sitting there going, so wait what about Tomoe’s curse? what about his memories? :/

    In short, WHY COULDN’T THEY JUST FOLLOW THE NATURAL TIMELINE AND DO THE DAMN FESTIVAL ARC IN VOL 5!!?! *kicks a garbage can* With the terribly ominous final episode titles we’ve been given, I think that the only good way they can end this is to have Otohiko put Nanami in a dream for her god test, but instead of having Tomoe be lovey-dovey with her it’ll be a dream where Mikage returns and says she doesn’t need to do his job anymore, she sulks but comes to her senses in the end, and the final episode is everyone getting together to help put together a festival at Mikage shrine, except there won’t be a beautiful kagura dance which I was looking forward to more than anything because YOU SUCK ANIME TEAM!!!

    And since that’s the best possible ending I’ve come up with at this point, I already know it’s not going to happen. T.T

    • Eva says:

      Exactly this. I agree with your best possible ending suggestion- it feels like it’s the only way they can somehow make it work. Yet even if that happens, I will be far from satisfied.

      Another major disappointment: No signs of Himemiko and Kotarou – MY BABIES ;A;
      and the biggest one of all besides-the-lack-of-Tomoe’s-Development-in-their-relationship… *drum roll*
      Nanami’s growth as the Land God.

      • Noc says:

        Himemikoooo! Kotarou and his surprisingly manly anime voiiiice!! They have such a great arc later on! It saddens me that they skipped the moon viewing chapter, that was great development for both Hime and Nanami T.T

        Ack, you’re right! Until the festival arc when Nanami is working with the shrine’s best interests at heart, she doesn’t do much that’s really worthy of being a land god, so the final episode “I’ve started becoming a god” just sounds like it’ll be really weak because she hasn’t developed much at all in that category. Sure there’s her ofuda, but those aren’t shown to be super effective until she gets her shikigami and really powers up :/

        Haaa…I don’t know…I just wish they’d give it an open ending at least, so that they could continue later on…I mean…what was the point of showing Akura-ou in that case? The anime-only folks might not know who he is, but to the manga fans that kind of tease is downright mean! I was so hoping that Kirihito would show up in the last ep as the harbinger of a second season, but without the festival there’s little chance for that happening…(you think he and Akura-ou would have the same VA?)

        • Eva says:

          Yeah an open ending would be better… probably…

          Hmm I suppose that Akura-ou and Kirihito would have different voices if we went with how when we typically see ‘body swaps’ where the characters take on the body’s voice rather than their own except for their internal thoughts. But I imagine they would probably keep things simple by making them the same since this isn’t so much of a body swap that can be reverted, but a repossession really.

          Hm, well if they do miraculously go with the Shrine Festival for the finale regardless of the ominous titles- then having Kirihito show up as he’s supposed to would be a great tease for a possibility of a second season.

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