BTOOOM! Episode 11: Revival

BTOOOM Episode 11 -  (43)

“I don’t understand the way adults think.” – Sakamoto Ryouta


Now, revealing Date’s true intentions to our hero and heroine, thanks to Shiki, Sakamoto has gotten himself caught up in a bomb set up by him. With everything crumbling in her mind, Himiko wasn’t able to think straight but thanks to Shiki, Date was stalled for a few moments but ended up being blown away by another trap by Date.

Now, Himiko with no one left by her side, decided to die but the cracker that Date thrown at her – which was Sakamoto’s – didn’t activate.


OH DEAR ANOTHER GOOD PLAY FROM SAKAMOTO, INDEED! Well, it was rather expected that he is still alive, right? Since he’s the main character, after all. LOL But then the question that might have poped up on the fans while watching is how the hell did he manage to escape from that blast?! Well, yeah – since they didn’t show how he did manage in the first place, everyone might have thought that he’s lying there injured, somehow and how the hell he hid his self when his BIMs were taken by Date as well. Wanna know? Watch it! LMAO

BTOOOM Episode 11 -  (39)Date and Shiki had a previous relationship and obviously, Shiki is in love with Date, no doubt about that. Even though Date had already done all those horrible things to her, betrayal and lying towards her and making her fall for him just to be another victim; she’s still in love with her. Yes, I do not understand how she would like to still be with Date after all that he has done. I mean, sure you can’t kill him. You don’t want to be a murderer (well, you are already when you began killing in this game anyway). Still, the fact that she cried in front of him saying he can’t forgive him; sure, that was one hell of a sight. Even if there’s someone I couldn’t forgive in front of me and I’m holding a knife or whatnot, I’LL PUNCH HIM. No matter how I love him, no matter how precious he is to me, I’LL FREAKING PUNCH HIM. Yes, I won’t use the weapon I’m holding. XD But then, for her to even take care of his wounds and even take care of him after that confrontation – THAT I CAN’T UNDERSTAND.

I have to agree with Ryouta – I don’t understand the thoughts of adults – even if I am counted as an adult as well. Maybe it’s because I think things too logically that I didn’t even take any attention to the psychological aspect of love. Love sure is a very complicated thing, right? Yeah. Even the love of parents to their children and whatnot. I can’t see the light from where Himiko said that she partly understood what Shiki has done. She hated guys in the first place. Well, maybe it has something to do with Ryouta somehow.

BTOOOM Episode 11 -  (41)

Yeah – Himiko fanservice. XD

With Date out of the team, Ryouta and Himiko decided to pick up the chips that were left out of the bodies that they have encountered until they have settled. Their search was useless since all the chips have been taken out by someone and of course, the prime suspect would be Taira. Sure, Sakamoto is trying to convince himself that it can’t be and this is where everything that Oda said to him falls into pieces. But of course, it’ll be find out on the next episode and will also test the bond between Himiko and Ryouta.

Ugh, love.

The anime adaptation is very accurate. I dunno if I should like it or not but I personally love the style the manga was showing the plot so yeah – I like it very much. :D


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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