BTOOOM! Episode 10: High Level

“And if you don’t start by trusting them, they won’t ever really trust you.” – Sakamoto Ryouta


The battle against Oda was something but it ended up Ryouta, losing the trunk when he avoided Oda’s attacks. Plus, with Taira’s worse situation, they have to get him some medicine to use against the venom from the lizard bite and food for their stomachs. Not only that, the group has to deal with the newcomer, Date-sensei, since Himiko cannot trust the guy at all.

Even though Himiko talked to Ryouta about it, he still trusts Date-sensei very much which he would probably regretted later.


You know, I still can’t get over with the Oda x Ryouta fight. I have to agree with the psycho boy. It was one good fight and to add things into it, it was real – not a game. And to think players like Ryouta can think so many steps ahead like a chess master would, it was cool, awesome and strategically epic.

Guess what? When you think Ryouta is a jerk enough, well, please welcome the new character, Oda since he’s more of a jerk himself. No wonder both of them became friends during high school. Well, I know for sure that Oda have some differences with Ryouta and that that guy is seriously confident about himself. Well, who wouldn’t? Even Ryouta looked up to him and admitted he had such complex towards him as well. He’s good in sports, studies, and almost in everything he does. So, what does this almost-perfect guy did to be called a jerk? Damn it. If Ryouta is a jerk for being a son, then Oda is a jerk for being a boyfriend and at the same time, for being a friend. (Well, I don’t really know if I should call what Oda and Ryouta had friendship anyway but they are close). I mean, I know Oda has something to teach – or at least to show to Ryouta but does he really have to go that far and that way? Not only that, he has to sleep with another girl when he, himself, has a girlfriend. And who was the girl? It was someone whom Ryouta had a liking to!

Oda knew he had a girlfriend. He knew his friend likes this other girl. He knew he is better than Ryouta in so many ways I could think of. But still! He manages to get himself sleep with a girl who suddenly confesses to him given that HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND THAT THE GIRL WHO JUST CONFESSED TO HIM IS HIS FRIEND’S CRUSH. Okay, calm me down but that ain’t gonna work since I am a girl here! When Ryouta said that he has been humiliated by both, IT IS SO FUCKING TRUE. The girl also knew that Oda has a girlfriend so why let her be taken by the guy and then what? CRY IN FRONT OF ODA’S GIRLFRIEND. Don’t tell me that was on impulse and happened on a whim because that’s a very low reason for something so big and serious such as sex. C’mon! Sex can only happen to two people who have agreed such a thing. THE GIRL AGREED AND SO DOES ODA WANT IT TOO. So, what makes the both of them? FUCK OFF. I DUN EVEN WANNA THINK ABOUT IT.

At first, you might think Ryouta as a jerk (well, he is anyway) but there are certain reasons as to why he is acting like that. This is one especially good thing about this series: the character development. Sure, Ryouta was a jerk, so what? He learned his mistakes and tries so hard to deal with the current situation and even go to lengths just to save/help his team and then this freking doctor, Date-sensei, comes into the picture to destroy that team. NOW WHAT?!

A jerk friend and a jerk doctor. What else do you want for an awesome bombing show?!



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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