Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ep: if this angst shit doesn’t end soon I’m sporking a baby (don’t worry it’s a plastic spork)

Hey ya’ll, it’s Oki here again. . . After hurricane Sandy stole my power for days and I lost all sense of self as I played board games in the dark. Anime? What is anime? All I know of is mediocre David Gaider books and school work. Anime, ppbtt.

….. Okay shut up I need my fix now.



So as I am absorbed into this anime phenomenon, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on. Oh cutesy little romances and love triangles! And that rooster is so adorable. . .

Wait. . .


Rooster. . .

But this can’t be the faint memories inside of my heart! The anime I remember didn’t stoop to stupid love triangles! It was BAMF and explored the possibility of awesomness, not stupid three way feeling charts! There were no shapes involved! Only lines! ONLY LINES! And when there were shapes they were hot and blonde! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?


Wait. . .




No. . . It can’t be




Yes, I remember now the olden story of days long passed. A girl who was really boring, and a guy who was very stupid, embarked on a romance. And then my nightmares took over and the dreaded ~stupid bullshit reason we can’t be together now~ happened. But I was sure it wasn’t real. . .

But no. . . here it is before me. . . the continuation of cliché. The dragging on of dull diluted dreams. The reeling in of romance. The stupid shit in all shoujo.





Ugh, Tonari, I’m trying to have faith here but you can’t just throw me a bone here? You are inventing a new formula for romance- and yet you’re stealing the Pythagorean theorem. Are we really doing this crap? What’s next, either Haru finds out and is all NO I LIKE SHIZUKU BUT THEN THEY DONT GET TOGETHER ANYWAY??


Oh well that was a completely predictable two second later twist. I mean there was no confessing to him but HE OUTRIGHT SAID THAT.


Oh my god. I am seriously about to bitchslap this anime. If they have. Mutual. Feelings. To the extent Shizuku is lowering her grades and Haru tells every girl he meets he loves Shizuku then this is poor story telling. This is extremely poor story telling. This could all be done with them together. I’m already fucking sick of this angst.


So Haru tells Natsume the girl he has no idea likes him has no friends, so they start a committee to get her friends. As usual Natsume is the best thing in the universe.



I’m just frustrated by this anime. It’s like no one calls it on it’s bull-…


Did shy new girl just say Haru had no balls.

Is this a thing.


That just.






Ooooh and there it went.




Okay, let me elaborate. This episode began by stepping on a stone I’ve frequently fallen on. People just don’t like me. I’ve tried similar to Oshima, and I’ve tried the opposite. I want friends and I try to fit in, but people forget me. And you know, I’ve done it all. I’ve tried too hard and not at all. But the problem there isn’t that I should just do my best and accept it, because if I do my best and fail I’m alone with no one. So what does this episode say but I DON’T FIT IN but its cool my new friends just told me to take it easy…..

Come on show. Come on maaan.


It’s so hard for me to comment on this show every week because his is supposed to be about realistic affection between teenagers. I can’t see anyone ever acting like this and it just infuriates me. Why is this show shoving down our throats all this angst?


This is a shoujo. Haru is the designated romance. At least the show could do us the damn courtesy of making feelings develop. Instead the two of them are shouting out their love for each other then changing their mind, then changing their minds back. And you know what would normally happen? A real date. Being boyfriend and girlfriend. Not shouting ‘I love you’ one minute then saying OH I LOVE YOU BUT NOT THE WAY YOU THINK.

haru is still hot though

I’m not saying I want them to be perfect cause I don’t. I’d prefer they be weird and awkward. But this is such an awkward anime right now. Next week I bet it will be all, Oh Shizuku I don’t want you not to care about me! And Shizuku will probably realize she can’t deny her feelings.


And then we’ll do this crap all over again. Man there’s less angst in the 2012 election.


You know, let me bring up an example. In another manga I read the main characters are falling in love, but they have an actual barrier stopping them from being together. One doesn’t care and admits her feelings, and later says she won’t not feel that way but she’s okay with being rejected. The other is obviously falling for her after that but just can’t admit it to her face. They progress into love. They grow into it. And one of them is a damn teenage girl. And you know what? I buy them not being together instantly. Like I buy Riza and Otani not being together instantly.


haru sexy

also they are both hotter. BUT HARU IS STILL HOT

But this is just bullcrap. In today’s society you don’t have to ‘love’ someone to date them. You just like them and want to try it out. That is what these two characters should be doing. Instead we’ve got the stupidest reason for not being together ever





I may like you, to the extent I shout to every girl I love you, but it might not be the exact way you do so I don’t want you to hate me. Instead I’ll call things dates after you admit you love me. I”ll reject you only to be overtly affectionate. No teenage boy acts this way.


I’ve come to a conclusion that Haru must be high functioning autistic. He is beyond ‘dense’, and he is beyond stupid. He is …ultra stupid. Super stupid. Completely unaware of how to act on any feelings he has and any interactions he has. But the funny thing is all of his motivational moments downplay that and make him act normal. But I choose to believe it because otherwise this anime will kill me.


I feel really pissed this week. I’m tired of this stupid angst. If I wanted angst I’d watch Natsuyuki Rendezvous. Or read MARS. Or watch Grave of the Fireflies. I’M SICK OF THIS. Don’t admit you love someone in the first episode, violate their personal space, AND THEN REJECT THEM FOR STUPID REASONS






Shit Kazehaya suddenly looks good. I MEAN HE’S STUPID BUT THIS IS JUST


dont give me the emo look haru. YOU CHOSE TO BE A WEIRDO EMO PANTS







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  1. Eva says:

    // Don’t admit you love someone in the first episode, violate their personal space, AND THEN REJECT THEM FOR STUPID REASONS//


    Just wow Haru wtf are you doing man? To think Kazehaya suddenly looks good in comparison *shakes head* good lord…

    =______= Oh joy, there’s nothing better than bullshit love triangles. /sarcasm

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