Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ep 7: ALL OF MY FRUSTRATION FOR YOU

If I have to sit through one more angst fest with only roosters as comic relief, this computer is getting potato’d.

be prepared for the ultimate love triangle….haru x bench x rooster

oh My god. OH MY GOD GUYS. I can’t take it. One episode Shizuku angsts the whole time about loving Haru and then he rejects her for stupid reasons. Then Shizuku magically believes she can shut off feelings and rejects Haru like two days later. These guys. These guys I want to punch them. I am already sick and fucking tired of this dynamic. I’ma preemptively call this- this show would be five times better if they’d cut the crap and get together now.

otherwise natsume and i are going to be writing a loooot of porn

I can summarize this episode in two lines. Side characters do boring shit while Haru/Shizuku angst about not being together. Oh wait that’s one line. This anime is becoming formulaic and I hatttteeee it sooooo much. The bad part is I can’t stop liking the two leads and ~awesome blonde guy~ and so I’m stuck every week thinking MAYBE THIS WILL BE THE WEEK THEY PUT UP OR SHUT UP. And it never is.

It never is.

It’s. I know perfectly what they’re going for. Oh those crazy kids and their misunderstandings! I reiterate now that this has been done better in mangas that normally have terrible pacing. Kimi ni Todoke. I’m not the first to laugh over the ridiculous length of time it takes for one thing to happen and for problems to be ressolved- but at least they’re not just freaking rehashes. That’s more like a teenager would act than this crap. Seriously I need to write my friend a ‘Sorry I called Kimi Ni Todoke crap, I watched Tonaro no Kaibutsu kun and now we agree’ note!

if you werent so pretty haru why i’d…

Guys…this can’t go on. A manga can’t be held up by this crap! In fact this week lets take a look into the dynamic of love this show has offered us so far.

Natsume is hot, funny, and addicted to the internet. Sasayan is loud and obnoxious. Haru is stupid. Shizuku is ice cold. Nagoya is a rooster.


I’ve had too much catchy mascot crap in my life. I am actually to the point where I’m sick of seeing the rooster when what we need is meaningful conversations. Why are we even bringing in the class rep man, all I want to do is super punch the bad pace of that. We can’t get Shizuku and Haru to be normal people, WHO ARE INTELLIGENT BY THE WAY, who talk for 5 seconds. INSTEAD ALL WE GET IS DRAMATIC SCENES WHERE THE WIND BLOWS AND THEY DECIDE THINGS AND THEN THEY DECIDE MORE THINGS.

I don’t care about Sasayan. He’s boring and I hate him (neutral actually) and Natsume is funny but the gag can only last so long! Right now she is one of the few interesting things about this show and I’m getting tired of it. We’re all here watching a shoujo waiting and watching but the same thing. Is happening. Repeatedly. I cannot stress enough that this makes me want to punch babies.

just have sex already

A lot of the problem with the story is that we’re taken on adventures with lack luster side characters who would be a lot more fun to deal with if we didn’t have one of the two main characters angsting in some way about an easily solved love life. This week Shizuku decides her studies are more important so she doesn’t love Haru anymore. Of course she realizes by the end feelings aren’t like that, but I know it won’t be the end of useless nonexistent problems designed solely to keep this anime going for fucking ever.

this is hot though

A good shoujo knows when to mention affection. I point you to Kamisama Hajimemashita episode 7, which will be out this week on the blog. Watch it and you’ll know what I mean, because that anime is a perfect example of taking an idea for romance and pacing it well. Ever read Mars or seen the k drama? They actually talk like human beings. Haru legit broke every barrier ever, kissed her, confessed his love, THEN SAID OH NO I’M NOT SURE. Then love triangle third wheel asks him how he feels and he realizes it. Okay so he’s a dumbass but

SHIZUKU. HAS DONE THIS. BEFORE. This is not the first time she’s decided to just ignore him! THIS IS ONLY 7 EPISODES IN AND WE ARE REHASHING THESE THINGS. AND I HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR HER BECAUSE SHE HAS DONE IT BEFORE. Where is a fridge, I need to throw it at someone. And I don’t want to see the cultural whatever. I don’t want to see any more love triangles. I don’t even want to see the glorious blonde guy.

ok I do a little

We are at the point where we need to lock these two idiots in a room and make them talk. Because even Natsume realizes this is fucking stupid. No one acts like this in real life!… Normally no one even acts like this in anime! I have blue balls right now AND I AM JUST WATCHING THESE PEOPLE. I don’t even know what more to say. I’ll keep watching but I’m pretty sure next week will be something even more annoying.

But seriously how am I supposed to enjoy this? How the hell can I concentrate on a moving plot line and a surrounding story when the CENTRAL FOCUS OF OUR STORY STAYS IN LITERALLY THE SAME PLACE. It’s not good story writing! And I demand satisfaction!


I’m out. Gotta go like…watch porn or something MY SOUL CAN’T TAKE ALL THE FRUSTRATED HORMONES. Oh also the sexual puns were great so no potatoes today.




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