Sword Art Online Episode 21: Broken Heart


I love cute things.

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8 Responses

  1. See I get pissed off whenever the Sugou shows up lol. Asuna was so awesome in the previous game and even on her own she’s still very capable. Sugou should play out a sister role and not a love interest.

    • Wanderer says:

      Errr, you mean Sugu, not Sugou. They’re different people. Sugu is the sister. Sugou is the guy people want to make a voodoo doll for or have a photo the center of a dart board.

      I do have to admit Kirito’s talent at getting attention of the opposite gender… Klein, on the other hand, cough… Must be that face of his (Klein).

    • Vantage says:

      Yeah, it’s understandable that you’d be pissed at the main heroine change from Asuna to Lyfa, and I’m sure many others are too. However, if it makes you feel better, Kirito has no romantic interest in Sugu, and all his struggles in this whole arc is for the sole purpose of saving Asuna and reuniting with his love. Sugu’s a love interest, but thankfully she’s an unrequited love interest xD

  2. burizulu says:

    I can’t ever see why people get upset with Sugu’s role, as if she’s a threat to Kirito and Asuna’s relationship. If anything, this episode should just go to show that Sugu has no chance; Kirito only has eyes for Asuna. Look at all he’s doing for her in game. I personally like Suguha. Kirito helps her find herself, just like he’ll help Sinon in GGO.

    I thought it was most interesting how they cut out the whole first chapter of volume 4. Upon consideration, I can see that they can skip that part and revisit it when they go to animate Caliber from volume 8. I can’t express how much I’d love to see Caliber animated.

    • Vantage says:

      It’s possible that they’d shift the events to have them save Tonkii at the start of Caliber instead, and progress from there – the SS would fit really well as an OVA series, or perhaps as part of a second season of the show with GGO and Caliber animated into one cour. If they do decide to work this way, then it’d be infinitely better than having it as a skimmed part of the ALO arc when it’s actually an intricate field that deserves time taken over it.

    • I am upset because it’s not screen time for Asuna + Kirito. It’s just another ploy and I just want to see them together and happy. I know she’s no match for Asuna and she even knows that herself. I just think it’s a weird combination and even the 1/3 of screen time they focus on it it’s just taking away from something so much more important.

      I legitimately feel creeped out, and angry when they cut to Asuna because of the situation she is in. When they cut to Kirito and his sister/cousin Sugu (I got it right that time haha) I feel bored or annoyed.

      This week should be much more interesting though. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. shiizumi says:

    Oh. I’m upset that they skipped the Jötunheimr field. When I watched the episode I was like “WHAAT? WHY DID YOU SKIPPED IT?” and went on ranting about it on twitter. Gosh how disappointed I am.

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