Shin Sekai Yori Episode 9: The Gale Came


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4 Responses

  1. Good review. I just finished watching the episode so I share your same holy crap reaction.

    I don’t think anything will actually happen to Saki from the cats because she has that collar that Shun gave her.

    I’m kind of curious as to what she was saying before she jumped out of her window.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      Heehee Thanks! I totally forgot about the collar!…I guess I was just going off the preview for next episode, which made it look like there’d be a serious fight between Saki and the Cat.

      As for what she was saying when she jumped out the window: I think it could either be her praying or something like that, or she was concentrating on summoning the rain. I’m not totally sure about that, since who knows if they can use their powers to control the weather, but with everything else they can do…ya’ never know.

      • Ya she could have been just saying good bye or something like that to her parents. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them actually use an incantation before using their abilities. Although it would make sense if she was conjuring a distraction.

  2. MarigoldRan says:

    Right. When a whole society has super-powers….

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