Robotics; Notes Episode 8: Kimijima Report No. 2

“I owe you my life, Aki.” – Kai


With the sudden arrival of the group of people, the members of the Robotics Club were groupnaped including Frau from her home. When they manage to find themselves in JAXA, the woman, who previously appeared in front of them, Tennouji Nae, suddenly brought them good news about a cooperative work with their club to build a giant robot to bring on the Expo. Good enough to make their ears ring but JAXA’s condition was bad enough for Aki to refuse the offer.

Due to curiosity, Kai decided to see through all the reports of Kimijima and went his way to find the second report out of all the seven.


Sooooo Nae came! LOL I didn’t really recognize her with glasses or I didn’t really expect on seeing her. She was just a small kid from Steins; Gate and to think that she has an almost-the-same character as Aki, I would have thought her plan was perfect for the GunPro-1. Well, too bad about the condition but that doesn’t stops Nae for becoming close with Aki. This must be another good step for the development of GunPro-1. Well, aside from there will be no great support from JAXA.

She’s so freaking cute here!!! D8

I must say that that was a sneaky way to help your daughter. Knowing more of the minor characters sure is a nice thing although I would love to know more about the story with Subaru and his dad and about the world ROBO-ONE Competition. THAT MUST CONTINUEEEEE. D8

So, let us all skip the other minorities since Kai is on an adventure to find the other reports by the person named, Kimijima. As Airi said, there are seven reports in total which each reports have a specific “flag” that should be done by… well, Kai, himself. Apparently, I kind of laughed on the conditions needed to locate the second report. But there must be something with the radar dome. Yes, the dome must have some serious business and the other flags were just additional. LOL Okay, I can now imagine what kind of person Kimijima is with these things in mind. (BTW, KAI CHEATED. DAMN IT. LOL)

Seriously, when Kai almost fell from the dome because of some stupid typhoon, it almost gave me a heart attack. Well, good thing that his syndrome activated just in time. I do have a feeling that his syndrome comes every once in a while when he is in a pinch. This must be one of the reasons why he doesn’t want to trouble himself with other stuff. Plus, his syndrome is really handy in a lot of ways unlike Aki’s. I wonder what will happen to the fun in this series now that Aki is aware of Airi’s existence as well. XD

Well, when things became good, he manage to get the copy of the Kimijima Report No. 2 which states that there is a group of people who would want to eliminate a great number of population in the world and also about the Kagome-Kagome ring tone. (Yes, I do see Kagome-Kagome as creepy here, seriously) I do look forward on what Kai would do about this tragedy to happen. Hope he’ll recover all of the reports in time.

PS: Now I wanna play the game. Q_Q


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. Mekem says:

    If Nae says “Tuturu” at least once in this show, I am going to burst with joy.

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