Robotics; Notes Episode 4: 1 Loss, 21 Wins

“What if someone found my BL folder? There’s way 1TB of that stuff.” – Furugoori Kona


The Robotics Club is now safe from being disbanded although they have to worry about the amount of money that they will need for a good progress with their GUNPRO-1. Being at that, there’s also a new transfer student on Taneshima, Furugoori Kona or popularly known as Frau Koujiro – the creator of the popular online game, Kill-Ballad 2012.

In another picture, Subaru Hidaka, ROBO-ONE’s champion, asked Kai to team-up with him on the world-level competition to be held in Las Vegas next month. Failed to get his approval, he challenged Kai on a Kill-Ballad showdown and if ended up winning once over 22 rounds, thus, have Kai listen to whatever he says.


Aside from the key story of the series whereas the “incident” happened, we also get to see Misa-nee on her cheerful self when she was still young and in middle school. The mass fainting during that school trip where Kai and Aki were involved have some connection with Misa’s past as well. Well, see through it as episodes progress but setting that aside, let us talk about the new character introduced on this episode.

Frau Koujiro or normally has her birth name of Furugoori Kona (which she probably hates to be called by) is our transferee student and is a classmate of Subaru – which to say she’s a year younger than our two main characters, Kai and Aki (and already developed such a game – damn). As a fellow game enthusiast like me, it must have been a great honor to seriously talk to a game developer face to face. Talk about great luck on Kai’s side. Well, Kona is SERIOUSLY not your typical middle school girl. Aside from being a game developer of a popularly played game, she’s also autistic, a fan of BL, and a natural computer-geek (based on her short-words used on Kai). She looks cute and I really like her pigtails like that and… man, we are gonna be getting along well with those 1TB BL stuff she got.

Although I don’t know why she helped Kai before with KB’s control system for their hobby robot – because she knew he’ll be useful during her transfer or she’s just too curious about the possibilities that Kai can make use of them well.

We also go over to Subaru x Kai tag team (Yes, please let me skip the other new minor characters haha). I know, it’s too good to be true but on the previous episode, I had been dreaming about how would it be if ever Kai would end up going for the world ROBO-ONE?! Huh?! But man, the humor was something I couldn’t contain. XD But setting that aside, I AGREE FOR KAI TO BE THE PILOT ON EVERYTHING. Call it bias of position but that’s what I would like to happen. End of story. Did I also mention that Subaru is a hottie? I just happen to notice (me, ignoring his fetish over the seven sisters). I also agree on Aki on this: Kai is seriously cute when being bossed around. haha

And the greatest highlight of the episode, the proper explanation of the illness that both Kai and Aki got from the mass fainting. I think I misread the translations from episode 2 or something or I just misunderstood it. To put it simply, Aki processes 5 minutes AS one second (not IN one second) and Kai on the other hand, is the opposite, he processes (maybe) 5 minutes (or 30 seconds as Mr. Wanderer would have said before) IN one second. This is why I asked from episode 2 that shouldn’t Aki be feeling slow-motioned instead. I must have misread something back there. English… you use the wrong word; you get the whole thing messed up.

PS: I got addicted to Zwei’s Junjou Spectra. >//////<


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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