Medaka Box Abnormal Episode 7: Kurokami Kujira

“This blessed life is turning me into shit! Nothing comes from happiness! I need more adversity! I need to be pushed further to the edge – deeper into the depths of hell.”


Maguro is intent on proving his superiority as a Flask Plan manager over Naze, and challenges her to a strip contest over the outcome of the match between Akune and Koga. When Akune manages to pin down Koga, beginning to force her to tire out her muscles, Maguro requests not for Koga’s clothes to come off but her face bandages instead, revealing her to be Maguro and Medaka’s long-lost sister – Kurokami Kujira.


I don’t know whether it’s a trait programmed in by Naze, but Koga-chan sure learns fast. Suddenly she’s able to use Akune’s own sleeper hold on him, and despite being rather distracted this episode compared to last week, she still puts up a fight before Akune apologetically dislocates her shoulder, which looked like it hurt like hell. Granted, it’s one of the only ways to slow her down (temporarily at least) and is actually more effective than breaking bones, because they only take 10 seconds to heal for Koga, while dislocated joints need to be…popped back in place. Though she’s a remodelled superhuman, she’s still a girl, and I think Akune was painfully aware of that fact. Koga’s weakness ended up being her undoing – because she has a short timespan in which she can fully go all out, she still needs a sense of pain to tell her when to stop exerting herself. No matter how much her internal organs have been messed up, she is still an upgraded Normal and cannot use her physical powers as naturally as Takachiho can despite being on the same level as him, and so Akune was smart to use his 4-pin judo move to tire her out. With a little help from Maguro, of course.

Typical Maguro – wherever there’s a girl showing pantsu, he’s there too xD His oddly sadistic perverted side seems to have no bounds, and apparently all the girls in the world as well as elementary school boys are his sisters. Wait, what? That sounded so wrong…but so believable at the same time X_X Personally I don’t think it was completely an act, and even if it were, there’s no way the perverted trash Maguro kept spouting every day wasn’t at least slightly what his beliefs were. But it’s true, he’s not as much of a pervert as he is a pure siscon – Kurokami Maguro only loves his sisters, and completely ignored Koga-chan even though she had boobs too and showed off more skin than Naze did. Anyway, it was pretty sly of Maguro to drop hints here and there by continually calling Naze his little sister and chatting her up – and even Akune realized it when she took her bandages off, that she looked eerily similar to Medaka.

She’s actually really hot under the bandages, but I think she’d get more stares with a bandaged face and a knife sticking out of her head than if she’d just gone around normally. Compared to the other two Kurokami siblings, I found her tale a lot darker than the other two, believing that “something amazing can only be made after seeing hell”, which is kinda the Flask Plan doctrine in a way. Countless experiments and sacrifices are made, and in the end you get your amazing product – an artificial genius. For Kujira, being well off is a burden and that’s why she cast off the Kurokami name, though it was bittersweet to know that she’d biologically erased her identity and instead stabbed Maguro with an unknown medicine – after all that Maguro has done and sacrificed to find his imouto again. She’s no longer Kurokami Kujira, but instead Naze Youka, the supervisor of the Flask Plan. But because Medaka sees her as Kuji-nee, I’m getting this feeling that her blind naivety will get the better of her once more.


I love cute things.

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