Medaka Box Abnormal Episode 5: Killing Impulse

“Because the weather was good today, I’ll kill you. Because today’s food was good, I’ll kill you. Because I had a good dream last night, I’ll kill you. And for no reason whatsoever, I’ll kill you.”


On the 2nd floor, the Student Council meet Munakata Kei, a tricky hidden weapons user who expresses his desires to kill him. When Maguro appears to prevent Medaka from fighting him, Zenkichi stands up to the task of taking down the Flask Plan’s second Abnormal, using his Savate fighting style and a few tricks of his own.


Out of the frying pan, and into the fire – the Student Council were just fresh from fighting Takachiho, yet they’re immediately confronted by Munakata Kei on the 2nd floor, with his entirely artificial environment. To say the least, he’s an…interesting guy. Known as “Last Carpet”, it’s amazing how many things he can pull out of his body (I swear it’s not possible to contain about a hundred swords, a grenade launcher and a giant spiked pole in one school uniform) and as such is a hidden weapons user. His Abnormality is strange as well – his instinct to kill. His entire personality revolves around killing people, and his calm face is a complete lie. I think it goes well with the current trend we’ve seen with Abnormals so far, with Abnormalities being really weird powers or abilities that aren’t so straightforward. I’ll bet that Munakata has had a messed up childhood too.

I love how ironic it is that he’s actually a complete noob at using weapons – Maguro only taught him how to kill, and I suppose it’s standard for Abnormals to excel in only one thing, but excel at that thing to the point where they have mastery of it. It’s typical of this show to end up turning everything around and have Munakata actually hate killing, despite him having a real killing impulse. Sure, it makes sense that an expert and killing would also be an expert at how NOT to kill, but I just found it really hard to believe that he was trying not to kill Zenkichi, what with the guns and the giant spiked pole and all that. It’s definitely a strange thing to hear someone with an Abnormal killing impulse go on about how someone will die if they get killed.

I’m proud of Zenkichi xD It’s also nice not to have Medaka do all the work and clear floors one by one, instead having someone like Zenkichi stand up for what he believes in and actively try to protect Medaka. We’ve only ever seen the rest of the Student Council act in the slice-of-life area of the show, so it was really dubious to see Zenkichi, an average Normal, stand up to Munakata, a Thirteen Party Abnormal when all he’s really done so far is narrate the story and participate in a few events. But it’s because he’s Normal – and so because he’s afraid that he can fight so well, using a foot-orientated fighting style, Savate! It’s because he’s Normal that he ends up looking really cool when he wins, because he tried his hardest and overcame the odds, shounen-style. It actually dawned on me that Zenkichi’s gotta have some level of strength at least to keep up with Medaka all these years, especially in middle school during her clash with Kumagawa, who had a short cameo as a guy who was “negative” (pfft, literally xD) He turned up in the OP for a fraction of a second right at the end, and is someone that’ll appear more in the Minus 13 arc after the current Abnormal one. Anyway, it’s the 3rd floor next week, featuring Naze Youka and Koga Itami – as well as a floor seemingly full of zoo animals…


I love cute things.

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