Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 6: Expirencing Another’s Life

Nanami sick with a fever and insists going to school, but Tomoe doesn’t let her and ends up going in her stead instead. Meanwhile at the shrine, Mizuki gives Nanami an opportunity to have a glimpse of what Tomoe was like in the past.


Yayyyy! <3 I really liked how they organized this episode! They spent quite a bit of time with Kurama singing, so the fact they had plenty of time to cover everything was such a relief.

It is really hilarious how Kurama wasn’t able to sense that Tomoe was disguised as Nanami. He started out as a jerk, but this guy turns into a dork real fast. It was priceless to see his reactions to Tomoe’s rage because he kept on helping him out of situations he couldn’t do much about (reading English, music class, etc…) and it’s no surprise either because Tomoe by nature REFUSES to get help from another. His pride is on the line here. It was no sweet treat (or at least I don’t think it’s actually is) for Kurama to receive a mischievous demon transformed into a lolipop from Tomoe, so I wonder how that went if he actually ate it, hahaha.

Ami as you seen her debut first during Kurama’s ostrich mishaps and show up momentarily during Mizuki’s debut, she isn’t an extra character to brush off. You’ll see more of her in the future, but she doesn’t have any important roles for plot development. She however is someone who I ship with Kurama BECAUSE THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!! <3 <3 <3

Speaking of relationships, this is the episode where things really start kicking on Nanami’s side of the romance development. Ever since that kiss to re-establish their contract, Nanami immediately fell head over heels for Tomoe. She can’t help but feel flustered around him, but it’s even worse now since she is confused about what kind of person Tomoe really is. She was startled, and flinched when he touched her forehead after she had come back from the past. She was terrified. She was so shocked about how differently Tomoe behaved and treated her. He tore her clothes and looked as if he was ready to devour her, but she managed to save herself by biting his finger which had surprised him. If she hadn’t surprised him by her bravery, what would have happened to her? Would he have still given her the opportunity to escape? All these questions is making Nanami confused, shaken and most of all uncertain about what kind of person Tomoe is, but her heart and mind quickly decides to shake it off and be happy that she was able to meet the ‘present’ Tomoe first instead of his past self.

Mizuki is an important character not necessarily because of what he does, but it’s more of what he has. That Time Incense Burner is extremely important. Another plot device item that will be continued to be used in the future. It’s thanks to that item that Nanami was able to go to the past, and that we were (discreetly, in the manga) introduced to Akura-oh.

While Akura-oh was shown in the shadows (we don’t actually see him in the manga then, his minion or whatever was there instead) I don’t have any complaints about that since with limited amount of time to explain certain things, I think that was a good touch.

Even if Akura-oh hadn’t shown up then, I was going to tell you people to take note of this guy because he is important, and also take note that he mentioned Yukiji’s name. Remember last week Tomoe mentioned the woman himself while being tended. By now you should have already put the pieces together and realize that the body Nanami took possession of was Yukiji herself. It was no lie that the village was attacked, what the demon said was true.

Now this is where things get really interesting in Kamisama Hajimemashita and what makes it so enjoyable to read and now watch. I don’t want to spoil the fun for you, but I do encourage you to pay attention to the key points I mentioned and will continue to mention in the future so that your brain will automatically start clicking and putting the pieces together and BOOM a bunch of theories appears! The speculation activity is definitely one of the biggest highlights that you should definitely have fun with in the future.

Next week- YESSSSSS~ THEY ARE GOING TO THE AQUARIUM!!!! <3 <3 <3 *SQUEALS* <3 <3 <3




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3 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    This was my favorite episode yet! I didn’t think they could fit both of these stories in 25 minutes without rushing things, but somehow it worked out perfectly! My only gripe this time is that there were no shoujo bubbles when Kurama kissed Ami!! That’s the one place I wanted to see them! I mean, the anime spams them everywhere else… *Also ships KurAmi*

    I also was glad to see them vaguely introduce Akura-oh in this episode, since it means we can hope for that plotline to come to fruition in the future! So many awesome developments XD

    • Eva says:

      *HIGHFIVES* Yeah it was a huge relief! =w=
      :Db I would say my favorite episode so far was ep 4. It was pure perfection.

  2. dhianna lhyn says:

    …i really love kamisama hajimemashita …..to the highest level..:_)

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