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Okay there’s a timeline going on here going back and forth between Yashiro and when Totsuka was killed.
One week ago from this very episode (if I understood correctly) Totsuka was killed…
So this is weird, the timing and everything is- AHHHHHHH I’M CONFUSED. WHAT ABOUT THE FESTIVAL THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE YASHIRO’S EVIDENCE OF BEING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? Oh my god is my brain isn’t functioning like I want it to because I’m sick, I need to sleep, I need to sleep… maybe I should’ve watched this after I slept… AHHH DAMN IT!

You know what, because my brain cannot compute with current events, I am just going to talk about the characters.

Totsuka was a very carefree person who was frequently switching and doing more hobbies. He was pretty optimistic and a happy guy. It makes me sad that he is dead because I really liked him.

Red King knows  of the risk and purposely had himself arrested so that he can rest assure someone will be able to stop him. His powers are not only a fatal threat as it’s too much and it’s going to destroy everything around him including himself. I wonder if there’s a solution to preventing his powers from causing destruction besides the idea to kill him. Judging from the flashbacks we had with Totsuka, the Red King despite being known for his violent fights and such, he has a gentle heart. He loves and cares for his comrades and wishes the best for them.

On to Yashiro!
So rather than having a split personality, Yashiro isn’t who he think he is. His memory is all screwed up with no existent history. In fact, I find it really strange how out of blue it is where he isn’t being remembered (however it seems it was foreshadowed at the end of last week’s episode when Kukuri said she didn’t know him, but I think most of us brushed it off as her covering for him). So why is it only now all the sudden? Is it some sort of side effect of perhaps his psychic power that “we-do-not-yet-know-of” after experiencing a memory of having perhaps in fact murdered Totsuka? It’s very confusing. On top of that, his memory of where his home is and his home number turn out to be wrong because apparently they don’t exist in the first place.

I’m hoping we’ll get some answers soon because I don’t particularly like how randomly this occurred. Giving us a back story about the Red King and Totsuka was fine, and well done. It’s only Yashiro’s side of the story that is extremely complicated and confusing.



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2 Responses

  1. JayBear says:

    Lol. I completely understand your point.

    If you go back and look at earlier episodes, Yashino’s lack of actual presence in the school was being foreshadowed everywhere. Even before we go to Yashino’s POV, we’re looking from Kukuri’s, who says he doesn’t seem to have any friends even though he gets along with everyone. She says he was weird, and wonders why he hasn’t found his PDA yet and things like that.

    I think people were under Neko’s influence and voluntarily giving him food. She’s such a glutton in that way. And Kukuri mentions his diet was too heavily based on meat (AKA Neko food!). At the time I thought it was just some random anime moment, or some super important Japanese etiquette but now that I’ve gone back and paid attention more, I think it was foreshadowing how it might be neko specifically manipulating the minds of Shiro’s so-called ‘friends’.

    • Eva says:

      Yeah I definitely agree with the idea that Neko might have influence over his memory.
      XD Doesn’t it drive you crazy when the foreshadowing is right under your nose and you miss it!?

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