Initial D Fifth Stage Episode 2: Road Specialist


“If there were a public road specialist, then he would have to have: Courage, Competitiveness, Experience and at times, the craziness of youth.” – Takahashi Ryousuke


With her fault for accusing Takumi as the lady killer from the previous episode, it is seem she was also disturbed by that fact and same with Takumi. A call from her intertwined their fate. She was busy with golf but still had the time to meet up with him and he has time to drive and insisted on talking in person. They had a good talk about their profession.

With the Ibaraki tour finished, they are now onto their next route, and this time, Takahashi Keisuke, Project D’s uphill driver, will be up against another 4WD which he often goes up against with.


The blushes are just too cute. lol

Okay, I get to squeal here. No, I mean it. I didn’t have this much impression on Takumi and Natsuki before, yes, my honesty here. My vote seriously going to go to this new girl of interest. Yes, Uehara Mika is a good girl and she had this good impression to me at first sight (yes, that slap was the greatest key of all). Both Mika and Takumi’s blushes were just too cute for such a series. LOL Not to mention I got carried away on their phone conversation because of the sudden background music there. Yes, that music was the key to that fussy feeling of being in love. Well, Takumi did admit that he felt in love at first sight and I won’t disagree at all. Itsuki, on the other hand, have some points though. Takumi and Natsuki got separated because of the different paths that they have chosen and for some odd reason, the same might happen for the both of them as well this time. Not only that, Mika’s name is already known worldwide at a young age of 17. Well, the same would be for Takumi too if he gets to finish all mountain races on Japan.

So we have this race against another new team on from Kanagawa Prefecture. Although there are a lot of teams mentioned on the episode namely: Sidewinder, Racing Team Katagiri (Street Version) and Team Spiral – which are known as the three most powerful factions in Kanagawa – there’s also the Team 246 which combined with the other three will serve as Kanagawa’s defense of four. I think their plan was to gain data on each race against the teams and help the remaining teams to win over Project D. It is also said that Kanagawa’s mountain route is your typical randomized road which narrow and broadens in different parts – gives the usual drivers on the route the upper hand and which the teams in Kanagawa are having a hard time to accept since there will be something unexpected to happen since this is Project D that we are talking about.

Keisuke seems to be quite pissed to the fact that he always facing 4WDs every time. Well, he should at least be proud of such record. LOL Then this brother language surfaced between Kaisuke and Ryousuke. Even I don’t get what they were talking about before the race start without Ryousuke’s explanation. Keisuke became really mature in this. He became really a man to respect now and his arrogance is now being nullified somehow and I like this development in him. Also, I think the first round of the uphill was too easy for him? LOL

That unexpected acceleration was also epic. Plus the background music made my spine shiver for a moment. Ah~


  • Ryousuke is just too handsome. XD
  • I got confused over their discussion on car models, engines and etcetera since I dun really know of such which is something that complicated whenever I watch this series.
  • I support Takumi and Mika. XD


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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