Girls und Panzer Episode 5: Panzer Vor!


I continue to be entertained every single episode with this show, and despite the euphoria wearing off a bit over the course of the week, it’s topped up every time – I find myself really caught up in everything, be it just the girls’ everyday lives to the tank battles between schools, which turned out to be really dramatic yet again. We got ourselves more info and a bit more revelation on Miho’s past, as well as meeting her sister directly for the first time – Nishizumi Maho is a pretty cold girl, though I think she’s leaning more towards neutrality while her subordinate is very, very scathing of Ooarai Girls Academy as well as Miho in particular. Miho used to be the second-in-command, which is actually really unsurprising now, as she’s really getting to grips with everything and really suiting the role of commander. I have no idea if Ooarai would even dare to enter without Miho at the helm, though the kaichou and the Student Council in general seem to be hinting that there’s some kind of larger penalty awaiting if they lose that Miho and her friends don’t know about yet.

We nearly got some Yukari fanservice when she infiltrated Saunders ;_; Denial once more…I see how it is now xDD She’s the one with a real devotion to tanks, and with such a bright (and fangirly) personality, it’s hard to believe that she found problems making friends…it must have been the haircut. Anyway, it was a really epic infiltration, and I’m wondering in the first place how Yukari managed to get all the way up into another school (presumably on another ship), as well as find the correct uniform and make it all the way to the Panzerfahren meeting. I’m sure she has her methods, but to top it off, I can’t believe how bold she was in directly asking them questions about tank formation, which one their flag tank was etc. I’m not even going to ask how she got out, but it’s amazingly useful information for a school like Ooarai, who only has 5 tanks to their 10.

Yeah, if I thought St. Gloriana were bitchy before, it’s pretty clear that this school believe in the power of money, and unfortunately in the world of Panzerfahren, I suppose that actually applies. Someone mentioned that Saunders aren’t actually all that good that fighting, and are instead difficult to beat because of their numbers and high quality tanks they bought with their money, which I actually don’t approve of at all. They’re even willing to use a radio interception balloon (which must cost masses to set up) to cheat and listen to the commands Miho is giving out, though I don’t think the Saunders commander Kei is actually aware of that. It was really clever for Miho and the rest to communicate using cell phones rather than through radio transmission, but the Sherman that they took out wasn’t the flag tank, and Saunders may be on to them now – it’ll only get harder from here, but I want Ooarai to win more then ever xD


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