Eureka Seven AO Episodes 23 + 24: “The Final Frontier”/ “The Gates of Summer” [Final Impression]


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13 Responses

  1. Linzz says:

    I’d give it additional points for the drama though and to see the couples together again in the series, (Renton looks crappy, btw) was good to my heart too.

    Well, as far as Eureka 7 had already worn my interest off of the series before, same happened with AO as well (even though I expected to have more interesting stuff in it beforehand).

  2. Eva says:

    Hated the ending. Renton and Eureka did not deserve this depressing ordeal and they never mentioned of the children back in E7. On top of that I pretty much despised every freaking character, ESPECIALLY Naru, @!#(!@# I couldn’t stand that girl.
    The OST is the only good thing about this show and that is it.

  3. From what I saw I thought it was ok (I only saw the ending) but from where it was coming from I think this is a BAD sequel to Eureka 7. Good shows have some VERY disappointing sequels. Time loop and pocket universes are ok when executed correctly. Not when it does what we term as mind rape. It just shows that classic anime or good animes are withering a bit due to its commercial success. It should amp up its game more especially a studio such as Bones which brought awesome titles like “Wolf’s Rain” and I think FMA.

  4. reihikari09 says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Seriously, I had to facepalm and ask why the hell AO ended this way. I don’t get this show, and the end was bad, but I would have forgotten all of my disappointments if they made a happy ending. I’m not asking for a happy ending because of myself, it’s because the characters DESERVED a happy ending, especially Eureka & Renton. All the hardships they went through in E7 to be together, and all the character stories told in AO, all of it went to nothingness. If there was something good in this ending, that would be when they played “Niji”.

  5. well, the invention of this show that creates all the damn confusion are the secrets. they weren’t in Eureka 7, but somehow “magically” appear here? if they were around long ago, then there would be no need for Dewey to try and destroy them in E7…this show was very confusing. should have been either 50 episodes…or we got what we got

  6. just finished it. i really didn’t hate it that much. sure, its no E7, but it was a worthwhile watch. i think the OP will get over it in a few months. i am staying clear of the OVA though….

  7. attila says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the fact the so many things were unresolved. I don’t blame BONES however it was a really good show up until the last 2 episodes. I mean you have to admit that the story was really good. Anyway i blame the fact that the ratings and views not being good so the publishers said cut it so the had to rap it up quickly. The ending is good for what it is. they however should have finished i think with ao returning to the original time right back were he left fluer. That in my opinion was a really good love plot in here that needs to be addressed. The show would have been 50 episodes and addressed every thing with the politics and team pied piper.Then once everything is addressed i think the aspect of how ao came into this world would be ok. Just with out the multiple universes that made everyones head spin. Maybe a movie could bring better light onto this even though we all saw how good POcket full of rainbows was making not even following E7. In all im very disappointed with the ending the show was really grabbing me with the new plot of team pied piper and the whole generation blue to me thats what made this show so well. If the end wasn’t rushed i would have trusted it to be a great anime.

  8. Don says:

    Niji at the ending > entire show

  9. CSB says:

    I’m just happy to find at least one blog that shared my impression of this series. After surfing from one blog after another kneeling in worship at the Alter of Ao, I was starting to think I was the only person on the internet who thought this series was a total flop. Mind, I was never a huge fan of the original series: didn’t like it, but didn’t hate it either. This is one of the few anime series I can say I have developed an utter loathing for since it seems it’s creators really didn’t give a damn about their series or the audience.

    Nameless creator #1: Eureka 7 was a commercial success. Let’s make an utterly nonsensical sequel to rake in some more dough.

    Nameless creator #2: Maybe we shouldn’t. Sequels to successful anime tend to do quite poorly. We should at least hire an accomplished writer to flesh out a plausible back story and believable setting with sympathetic characters like the original…

    NC #1: No, that will take too long…

    NC #2: It’s been nearly ten years since E7. Surely a little more time planning…

    NC #1: Besides, who needs a well-balanced plot. We’ll just make it absolutely gorgeous animation wise and have an awesome soundtrack and hire a talented voice cast…

    Shoji Kawamori: And I can design a slew of new mecha and make some pocket change. I need something to tide me over until I get to screw over fans with the next Macross and Aquarion series…

    NC #1: Then it’s settled…

    NC #2: Hoboy….

  10. enavarro1425 says:

    This story line was okay, and I didn’t mind watching it. Also, I totally agree with everything you said, but what still puzzles me is why didn’t Ao just stay in the world his parents are from? I mean, he has nothing to lose in the other earth, no body knows him or remembers him so why go back to it? If Ao would have stayed with Eureka and Renton, they would have been happy and Eureka wouldn’t have to cry over not seeing her son ever again; they all deserve to be happy. I loved the whole series of Eureka 7 and the ending of AO kind of ruined the whole happy, love story. These are just my views, and I’m not saying that I’m correct but they should make a movie or something where Eureka, Renton, and Ao can be together. There should be more animes like Eureka 7, I would gladly watch them everyday. If any one knows any good anime like this one, just comment the name or him me up with a message.

    • Tenderfoot says:

      I think the reason that Ao doesn’t end up staying in the original Eureka Seven universe is that he physically can’t. Because he’s half human, half Coralian, the high Trapar levels would probably affect him in the same way that they did his sister, meaning he would turn to stone and die. That’s why Eureka left in the first place, to find a world with less Trapar so that Ao could have a life. So yeah, not really a happy end for any one. As for animes that I think are similar to Eureka Seven, I’d probably recommend Xam’d: Lost Memories, Full Metal Panic!, Vision of Escaflowne, and maybe Stardriver (although I haven’t seen that last one all the way through.) Those all mix the mecha/action/romance/good animation that Eureka Seven has.

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