Code: Breaker Episodes 6 & 7: The Lost Ones and the Rare Kind

Prepare for a long read here. lol


Episode 6. Due to their last battle, Ogami wasn’t able to be feeling well since morning making Sakura worried about his state. Ogami, on the other hand, refuses to make Sakura worried and thus lies about his current condition. It also happens that after school, both Ogami and Sakura were attacked by the lost agents of Eden and was later found out that they are controlled by a person and all of those agents are already dead. The fight resulted for Ogami to be in his lost form.

Episode 7. Ogami needs somewhere he could rest without any disturbance and thus Sakura suggested that they should go to her household, the House of the Clan of Kizakura. Sakura’s family is known to be a strong faction of people and her father, leading them. With that settled, Ogami, together with Heike, Yuuki and Kanda-sensei, went into Sakura’s house for a few hours of rest then began another attack and this time, from the ex-Code: Breaker, Code: 01, Hitomi.



Okay, so our hero, Ogami got himself tied up pretty well with his classmates – more than he had planned and imagined. The whole class was preparing a welcoming party for him. I know deep inside of Ogami, he was in tears of happiness. LOL He even got memorized all of their names and personality which was written in a piece of paper (which he burned down immediately). I know it must have been hard to be someone who doesn’t exists but that doesn’t mean you have no right to even have at least a friend. Life must be too boring if that is so. Well, considering how bored does Ogami looks anyway. XD

Episode 6 seriously shown all the interesting characters needed for this series to be completed. To be honest, the anime is far too different to what happened on the manga but I can’t say I dislike what they did with the anime since they had been following the important flow of the story anyway. So, no complaints there and as far as the characters are concerned, let us talk about them and I shall start with the Nyanmaru-loving Code: Breaker, Code: 03, Yuuki.

Just look at how cute he is!!! <3

Well, above all Code: Breakers, surely, Yuuki is the most childish of them all and uses the special ability to control sound. As per said by Hitomi on the first episode, he’s someone who doesn’t want to work and would just go around town, looking for Nyanmaru collectibles and watch street TVs which showcases Nyanmaru scenes. I know he might be one odd ball of the Code: Breakers (meh, all of them are odd anyway) but he surely one with a strong will and an innocent way of seeing through things. He appeared at episode 6 in great timing too just to help out Code: 06, Ogami when he was unable to use his blue flame, regarding his lost form. Personally, Yuuki is my 2nd most favorite character in the series, not because he is cute and adds to my shota collection but because of his addiction to Nyanmaru and how he wants to become Nyanmaru in the name of justice is something no other child in the world would. Hopefully, the anime would also cover the other information regarding Yuuki especially his family and his… well, company. XD

Then there’s Heike, a member of the student council where Sakura and Ogami goes to. It was revealed on episode 6 that he is one of the Code: Breakers and uses the special ability to control light. Heike’s manga and anime characters are far too different than the other (same per seen from Toki as well) although I thanks them for his “tea time” habit was preserved which is one of his odd characteristics. In the anime, he seems to be the righteous kind of guy you would seriously like and with that look of his eyes full of information and his mind being unpredictable. Plus, his special ability is something to like as well. Controlling light and to be able to move at the speed of light sure is an interesting thing to do. His manga personality is the perverted Code: 02, the judge of all the Code: Breakers. Well, even though he was different from his manga personality, he is still the Heike full of passive humor you’ll see.

Also, another Code: Breaker, Code: 05, Hachiouji Rui, a girl I will tell you right now, which special ability is yet to be known in the anime. If you want to get spoiled, read the manga. LOL One thing I can say though: Rui’s special ability is pretty unique and I like her character very well. Sad to say that the anime won’t be able to justify Rui’s character well with so little episodes planned for the series so you guys should just go and read the manga with me. XD Rui has this “modern prince” aura in her. Yes, prince and it is not a mistake.

Then we have Kanda-sensei. Kanda’s personality changes when she is in her teacher form and while he is an agent assigned to Ogami, she has this whole new different atmosphere. She seems to be attached to Hitomi as well, not to mention, I sensed some romantic vibes between them on the manga. XD She’s one loyal agent towards Ogami and not only that, she had always been providing Ogami his needs as the student and as the Code: Breaker and also, have been helping him through. I could guess that the one who found Puppy was her.

I prefer this hot Kanda here.

We shall talk about the Lost form. Code: Breakers gets to their lost forms when they overuse their powers. Toki’s lost form is for him to become a cute little shota kid. He’s cute, I know and that’s what makes me like Toki even more. XD Although he wasn’t so helpless like that in the manga, in fact, he even protected Ogami when he was just a little kid. Then Ogami’s lost form is having a cold body. Well, it’s like he’s having a cold only that his body gets cold and not hot. Yuuki’s lost form is for him to turn into a cat. OMG A CAT!!! LOL Well, that’s all for lost forms.

We also got a good look on our perpetrator here, the ex-Code: Breaker, Code: 01, Hitomi who uses the special ability to control electricity. He also used such power to control the brains of the dead people using electricity. He seems to have a hate for Eden. He is also Ogami’s closest person in all the other Code: Breakers and the one who taught Ogami most of the stuff he have learned under Eden, including sword fights. Not only that, it is also seems that being the Code: 01, the most powerful Code: Breaker, he has some tremendous amount of electricity hidden under his sleek smile. Well, not good enough to even affect Sakura Sakurakouji. Also, Yukihina, the one who uses Ice for his special ability who sides with Hitomi was also seen a couple of times before.

It was also revealed on episode 7 that Sakura has some special power as well although but not seen. She’s a rare species after all. The “rare kinds” or commonly to have a nullifying power against the Code: Breakers. In other words, any special power used against her will not work and thus the mystery behind Ogami, couldn’t burn down Sakura, has been filled.

With all the Code: Breakers gathered in the Sakurakouji Household, it was not known to them that Hitomi’s actual motive was not Sakura nor Ogami but the Prime Minister, who governs Eden (and yes, Toki’s father).


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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