Code: Breaker Episode 8: Chaos

“The past doesn’t matter. I’ll burn whoever falls to evil even if it’s a former ally.” – Ogami Rei

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With the Prime Minister, kidnapped and the Sakurakouji household ransacked by one ex-Code: Breaker, everyone gotten themselves realize that there is only one thing to do. Trace Hitomi and get him back to the group then save the Prime Minister.

When everyone was busy searching for clues about Hitomi’s whereabouts, Heike suddenly decided to side with Hitomi, bringing Sakura to him himself.


GOT CURIOUS ON THE EPISODE TITLE I GOT?! Well, yes since this episode is a total chaos. I tell you. I PROMISE, after this series would end, I will seriously GOING TO RANT HOW THIS THING WAS TOTALLY DIFFERENT THAN THE MANGA. But no, I have no complaints since I know that they are trying to fit the story on the planned episodes since, seriously, the plot on the manga is too complicated to fit into even one season. With the pace going through the anime, I am guessing that this series will only last for 12 episodes. But… I’ll save the complaining later on so, let’s get it on with this episode.

Hitomi. The key man in this series so far. An ex-Code: Breaker, a former ally. Betrayal. Oh shit, this is serious business here and I mean it. He was a leader looked up upon by the remaining other five Code: Breakers and not only that, they all have some good memories shared with him and plus, damn the romance brewed on him and Kanda-sensei is just too strong that I have to take notice of this. Man, the relationship of every Code: Breaker was obviously seen in this episode even if they try to deny things about it. Hitomi was a good guy. WAS, okay?! And then he disappeared for three years then comes back, kidnaps the prime minister and… started explosions?!?! Okay, well, it seems that our favorite Code: Breaker has something planned and I am guessing humorously that he planned this shit for three years.

Sakura. Oh man… more dizzy information just gathered. Being left in front of a house of strangers at a very young age, covered with blood was… deceitful for every child! NO WAY HAVE THAT HAPPENED. Damn this anime is waaaayyy too off with plot development. But this only tells that Sakura is not the real daughter of the Sakurakouji house. She hates seeing blood or people dying so you might have understood a part onto why Sakura doesn’t want people dead or people to kill another  (Ahhhh, reminded me of the debate against death penalty). It is seems that our Sakura pierced through Ogami as well for what she had stated.

Felt the romance here? Well, with Ogami’s cold expression, I don’t think so? LOL

Kanda and the school. MAN, THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. I do know that Sakura and Rei’s school has something to do with the Code: Breakers but I didn’t expect that more of them were in it too. And guess what, THEY SUSPECTED KANDA. OMG. I don’t even want to imagine what kind of place Eden now.

Older (shorter) Fujiwara (Toki’s big sister, Nenene). Man, I didn’t expect fragments of her memories to return in this episode. When Toki said he’s going on a date, it was obvious that he’s all worried about his sister. It shocked me the way it shocked Toki that she was able to pat Toki and even said that he must have been worried on her (Yes, sister, right in the bull’s eye there). These two, are really precious characters. Their blood-relationship is actually deeper than this. I love these two and they are so cool together if only Nenene’s memories would return (although that is not something Toki would want? LOL Not sure though).

THESE TWO — THEY ALWAYS MAKES MY HEART ACHE FOR SOME REASON. Maybe because I had always wanted to have an older sibling as well? D8

Rui a.k.a. Prince. Let me tell you this before hand and this is a freaking spoiler: RUI IS A GIRL, OKAY!? Her nick name is Prince and I don’t know why but it’s cool so let’s leave it at that (I’m telling you this because I do not want to write something about her, addressing her “Rui”, “Prince” or “this person” instead of using the short word, “her”). Her special power is using shadow and not only that, she’s cool using it – actually my favorite. There is actually more of this girl here aside from being cool even for a girl but I doubt it’ll be shown on the anime. Rui is also one of the closest to Hitomi. Must have been the age gap so it might have been understandable. Anyhow, how old is Rui anyway? LOL

Heike. Ugh, another fish in a boat here. He has this mysterious character aside from having erotica read aloud in the hallway or having tea on the school’s front gate or the rooftop. Apparently, out of all the Code: Breakers, Heike is one person I hate the most. Well, not really “hate” but he’s last to my list of liked characters. There’s also sides of Heike that I like: him, being unpredictable, is one. But you see, his unpredictable moves are just… UNACCEPTABLE. OKAY?!?! HEIKE, YOU CAN BETRAY ALL YOU WANT BUT YOU DARE NEVER TOUCH ANY OF THE CODE: BREAKERS, YOU HEAR?!

Sooooo… that gotten long. Although I like how I often review Code: Breakers character by character since, seriously, THIS SERIES HAS THE ENTIRE AWESOME CHARACTERS IN ONE (I am ignoring their weirdness here).

PS: Yuuki’s lost form is freakingly adorable. *squishes monitor* and Sakura’s relationship to the people of the Sakurakouji house is just… really good.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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