Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 6: Jeopardizing an Opportunity

Isshiki recieves a love letter but isn’t sure whether it’s legit or not. However his chance of finding out whether it ever was in the first place was jeopardized when his notebook that contained the girls’ ranking in their class is picked up. Despite his humiliation and knowing the potential consequences; with an ulterior motive in mind, Isshiki musters up the courage to confess his crime in front of the entire class and be the one to take on the responsibility and offers to shave his head in return as his punishment.


X_X;;; I actually forgot it was my turn to cover the episode this week!!! Here I was ready for bed then I see the GIF set of this week’s episode on tumblr and I’m like, “SHIT!”.

Isshiki was definitely courageous enough to take responsibility- even though it was for his ulterior motive in hopes that the one behind the love letter he received would still go for him (only if it was a legit love letter in the first place). The only reward he received was gaining love and respect from all the boys in their class. Hahaha, I can’t believe he actually ended up shaving his head, but I was laughing pretty hysterically about how over-dramatic both he and Yuuta were acting. He made it sound like, he’s dying. It was so exaggerated! I can’t, I lost all ability to can, these guys are killing me!!!!!! Yumin nailed my coffin when she treated Isshiki’s bald head as a crystal ball.

Another thing I enjoyed was that slowly, but surely Shinka’s guard is slipping because even though  Yuuta tried to warn her, she kept on showing her true colors in front of their classmate (Isshiki). Unfortunately for him that means he will not be spared and will have to deal with her true nature rather than her cutey idol-student cover.

Sanae continues to crack me up with her out of blue attacks against Shinka. I was stunned that she actually ambushed her during class hours. Shinka had a close call of being caught in front of the entire class, but understandably to be attacked out of blue and being angry about it probably would have given her a good enough reason to be reacting that way in the first place.

I am under the impression that the reason behind Touka asking Yuuta to help her out by accompanying her and Rikka during summer vacation might have something to do with their parents… (assuming that was why she was looking at her phone) or she doesn’t feel like taking responsibility to keep an eye on her. It’s one or the other, probably.



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