BTOOOM! Episode 7: Their Story

“I came to save you, Himiko.” – Sakamoto Ryouta


His initial plan to was distract the enemy from the abandoned shed that they are currently staying at but it seems the enemy this time are smarter and at the same time, one of them was an old mercenary where one knife is enough to give Ryouta difficulty on dealing with plus, with their hideout got tracked down, Himiko got herself kidnapped.

When Ryouta found the girl’s cell phone and have a small peak in it, he found the name of his virtual bride, Himiko. With the image of his virtual bride in danger, he went to save the girl, calling her Himiko.


So we get another intruder on the loose here and this time, he’s Himiko’s former acquaintance in this death reality game of ours and whom she got separated from since he just killed a person at that time. Not only he was an acquaintance but he’s actually an ex-mercenary and a good one at that – good enough to even fight someone with a bomb and would even be willing to give out his knife when having a hostage. He was smart but not really that smart in the world that is almost like BTOOOM! where our hero, Sakamoto, is insanely good at.

Taira also got his fingers cut. The anime censored it so much that they only showed the bloody hand. It’s not that I’m against it but normal viewers who didn’t read the manga would surely be confused what happened to his hand without the bandages that will soon be applied to it. There’s also some mistake on Taira’s role here. He should have pushed Sakamoto to save the girl rather than being selfish for asking Sakamoto to stay while he was injured. Well, I guess being scared is normal.

Ah… don’t mess with a guy who’s in love here.

Sakamoto, when he saw Himiko’s cell phone wallpaper, got his mind all set up into one goal: to save Himiko. Normally, he – who lived all his life inside BTOOOM! would actually think that way. Surely, everything inside the game are virtual but not to mention that it was the game itself that he was able to know someone as Himiko and that he would be able to make her his virtual bride. Well, even though Himiko refuses to see him in real life, it is also seen that she also wanted to see him too. The girl actually denied that she is the Himiko that Sakamoto knows but of course, everyone had already thought that she’s lying. C’mon, after what episode 2 had shown more than it should, it was pretty obvious that she really is the Himiko that Sakamoto gotten married to in the game. But of course, our little Sakamoto didn’t even thought things through and was able to say that she must have been someone who had the same name in the game as the Himiko that he knows. Normally, in-game names shouldn’t duplicate, right? Or did Sakamoto really think that the Himiko he knows carries her name as her real name? D:

Then, there’s this fight and that old freak lawyer again shows his face after gotten rid of the psycho kid from before. He uses drugs to make him go over his nervousness – which is not nice. He might even turn into someone worse than the kid, you know. But never mind him since he’s gonna die anyway. He was one with no knowledge about the battlefield so it was obvious from the start that he will not gonna last that long so, rest in peace for him. Well, the mercenary guy was strong in terms of physical abilities, military judgment and tactics, confidence and etcetera but he was still no match for the Sakamoto x Himiko tag team there. LOL Well, 2 vs 1 was so biased anyway. XD

Bomb surprise! :D

One more thing, it seems that the double radar was never explained on the episode so shall I? Well, maybe it will be explained on the next episode so I’ll wait ‘till then or you can… read the manga! XD


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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