BTOOOM! Episode 5: They Sent Us

“No one is around.” – Sakamoto Ryouta


With the trunk that Ryouta got from dealing with the brat from the previous episode, he manages to get back to Taira, whose leg is injured. For the first time being on the island, they tasted noodles and had a good lunch together until a corpse with no pants passed by the river near them.

Ryouta, being cautious, decided to check the site where it came from to track the enemies instead of being caught by them since Taira’s foot is in bad shape to run and ended up meeting the girl he once saw before.


Trust is the greatest thing to offer and the greatest thing to receive from a person especially in this anime where they are in a place they are unaware of where and a place where everyone around you can be your enemy. For Taira, that is something he felt when Ryouta returned to him carrying the trunk of food. Being in a situation like that, if you’re not thankful, I dunno what to call you, at all. Well, for a normal person like Taira, you would be crying tears of joy/relief about it. Good thing for Ryouta as well. Not only he gained Taira’s trust, he was able to feel happy about someone, being grateful to him. For, since, Ryouta is our master of all jerky characters out there.

Well, to Ryouta, he is right. After finding his self in the island and even if it was only for a few days, he was able to change drastically and in a positive way as well. I guess what they say is true after all: experience is the best teacher. Although I feel bad for Ryouta’s mother but this is what we call good parenting! (Just went a little overboard) But being “unwanted” is the wrong word for Ryouta. All his mother wanted was for Ryouta to change and she might have thought she just did the wrong thing – well, it’s not particularly wrong. She’s just worried about her son and their life as a family and she had no choice.

You know, this whole “Who do you want to get rid of?” thing is like Jigoku no Shoujo although it just went into a bombing game rather than the actual hell and in massive form with a twist by the help of modern technology.

Our hero and heroine also got to meet again and this time with more interaction – and I mean, more bombing, action, stun gun, panties, boobies, and all those crap which made the whole episode funny and at the same time, interesting. Not to mention Ryouta’s pervyness surfaced. Haha But as for our girl, she had through a lot so psychologically, she’s really unstable and broken also since she knows who was the one that sent her in the island aside from the people in that plane before. I can’t blame her friends as well but if I were them, I should have thought twice writing down her name and maybe talk things through with them. I guess young minds won’t even bother at all.




I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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