Zetsuen no Tempest: Episode 1 [First Impressions]

“The time is out of joint—O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!”

Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5

Summary: Hakaze Kusaribe, the self proclaimed strongest magic user in the world, has just been stranded on a desserted island, clothed only in a short dress and some cheap-ass sandals. Vowing revenge on those that have done this to her (a mysterious orginazation), we switch from her to one of our two main protagonists,  Yoshino Takigawa. He lives a lonely life now that his best friend, Mahiro Fuwa, has disappeared. Mahiro’s whole family was killed one year before the start of the series, and the episode is peppered with flashbacks to happier times when Yoshino and Mahiro would fight gangs of thugs and Mahiro’s sister, Aika, would patch them up.

While visiting the Fuwa family grave, Yoshino is attacked by a shady woman in black (because hot pink is just not a color that screams bad guy). Right before she can shoot Yoshino, Mahiro literally appears out of thin air and gives her a good kick to the head. An epic clash insues, after which the town is griped by the strange “Black Iron Syndrome”, turning everyone to metal. Mahiro explains a little bit about what’s going on, and that he’s contracted the help of a witch, Hakaze Kusaribe, in order to exact revenge on the people behind his families deaths. The episode ends with a giant seed/monster thing rising from the ocean, revealing it’s one glowing red eye.

Tenderfoot’s First Impressions:

I went into watching this show with absolutely zero expectations and only the vaguest idea of what it was going to be about, and I can honestly say, I was pleasantly surprised. Two things that straight off put this in the win pile for me: Shakespeare references and the fact that the music used in the previews, and that a lot of the music used in the show itself seems to draw it’s inspiration from, is one of Beethoven’s piano sonatas. The ratio of usage of classical music to shows that I like is getting pretty high.

The story of the show itself is pretty intriguing  boy gains magic from a witch trapped on an island so that he can get revenge and at the same time possibly save the world. Both Yoshino and Mahiro are interesting, and I suspect there’s more to them than first meets the eye. Unlike another show that came out today, we actually spend more than three minutes with Yoshino and Mahiro which means I actually could become emotionally invested in them as characters and it left me wanting to know more about them (the odds are very high that I’ll read all of the manga between now and the next episode). Yoshino especially makes me believe that he is the kind of person who is broken inside more than he’d like people to think. Mahiro seems like the kind of anti-hero that will do anything and everything to get his just desserts, and I’m rooting for him, but I’m left wondering if that doesn’t leave some kind of lasting damage on his psyche (and what will happen to him if and when he achieves his goal?) 

Psycho killer, qu’est-ce que c’est?

Bones does some very solid looking shows, and this is no exception. The animation is nothing amazingly different, but it’s very well done, from the excellent fight scenes (I’m not even an action person really, and I got excited about how great that scene between Mahiro and Fraulein Yamamoto was) to the details of the butterflies or the hair (mmmm hair porn). I also really appreciated the very clear tonal distinctions between the present and the past, going from gray and snow-covered to bright and sunny. It’s a nice touch that makes it clear that time has passed. Unlike that other Bones show I’m covering currently, this one actually likes to explain what’s going on. You don’t know everything, but it’s very clear (at least for now) who’s who in this conflict and what’s at stake. I even managed a chuckle at one or two of lines (Mahiro is super sarcastic sometimes, which makes me love him).

I’m still a little reserved on this one, knowing how Bones shows tend to go, especially at the ends of them, and also because of some of the similarities this has to Guilty Crown, but over all, I’m hoping they manage to stick the landing on this one. If they do, I think we’ll end up with a very good show on our hands. It won’t set the world on fire, but as long as the story and art are entertaining and solidly done, I think I’d be alright with that. 

Possibility of Watching: Yes! I won’t say I have super high hopes, but this one’s surprised me so far, so I’ll stick with it.

Possibility of Blogging: Maybe. If Linzz wants it, since she seemed really excited about it before it even aired, I will gladly leave it in her very capable hands.

Linzz’s First Impressions:

“How can a magic-oriented anime be moving with so many action scenes?!” This was my initial motive as to why I followed this series and I was so happy to see them really moving!!! Q_Q EVERRYYYTTHHIIINNNGGG WAS MAKING MY EYES WATERY. Okay, onto the episode itself. The episode flow is fantastic as it is a nice adaptation so far and damn, Mahiro is just toooo sexeeehhh! 8D At first, when I watched the anime’s first episode, it kind of reminded me of Tales of the Abyss. Especially when I saw Samon who actually looked like Luke! Although I can’t blame them since a red long haired guy is really needed in this series no matter what. HOHOHO

As expected, Yoshino’s character is still on the look out. I do have a lot of expectations on him towards the future episodes and plus with that good-enough animation plus really cool fighting scenes (which made my eyes glitter while watching, actually), this show is gonna be epic on it’s own way. Not to mention that THAT CG at the end was just so freaking camouflaging with the 2D animation that I didn’t notice it was a computer generated image at first glance. Yes, as Tender also mentioned about the music, IT IS THE GREATEST CHOICE TO GO CLASSIC! Although the transition from a peaceful City to a devastated one was a bad thing? Dunno… must be my worry-about-the-plot thingy. XD

HAH! WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED YOSHINO’S GIRLFRIEND?! I DID! BWAHAHAHAHA This series is gonna be full of loopholes which will make everything super interesting! Oh, BTW that moon at the opening is just too cool. LMAO

IMO, Both Mahiro and Yoshino… I’m sorry but the Yaoi fanbase will not stop on pairing the two of you now. HAHAHAHAHA As I am one of those who is gonna watch this show to pair the two of you. /shot

Possibility of Watching: Does this have to be asked? D8

Possibility of Blogging: VERY HIGH.


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