Sword Art Online Episode 17: ALO’s Grand Quest


I love cute things.

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6 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    I wonder how well Sugou voodoo dolls with a big hammer as an accessory would sell to the fanbase?

    • Eva says:

      oooh ooh i’d buy it
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they distribute punching bags of Sugou’s face like they did with QB.

      • Vantage says:

        Or a dart board with his face on it. All Sugou merchandise will need an in-built voice system that activates if it experiences a large force, preferably with him screaming out in pain.

        …I’m SO looking forward to the end of the arc actually, it’ll give me warm, sadistic feelings of happiness.

  2. Wanderer says:

    About the timeline, from what I recall the original and the web version used timeline one decade older than the time of the writing. Since SAO was originally written (started, but not finished) as early as winter of 2002, the original timeline was actually 2012 when SAO the game was released. Well, obviously we don’t have such technology yet so when the novel was officially published it was modified by adding another decade onto the original, thus resulting in the year 2022 release of SAO in the novels.

    Kirito, again, gets a flattened face. Except this time its the wall of the main Sylph building (I’m guessing, thus he ends up falling backwards flat on his back). I guess they purposely left it out and instead just gave a background scene. Although personally I would find it amusing if they actually show it. Sorry, getting too influenced by Ixion Saga GT with the dragon horn shoe and all the hilarious scenes (and seriously, I personally want to drive that dragon horn shoe into Sugou’s nuts).

  3. Train says:

    I had problems with Nomi( as i’m sure most of the viewers had too), but Sugou is in a COMPLETELY different level of being a disgusting bastard. He CLEARLY abuses his position as an admin to harass Asuna and ALSO threatening her saying he can erase people’s memories, i wonder what will Kirito do to him once he finds out about everything, he will probably go berserker and stomp him or maybe duel with him again like he did with Heathcliff. But man, Kirito’s enemies are really something in their own games, both being admins with “hax” powers(at least Heathcliff/Kayaba was fair enough to duel him in “equal” conditions(altough he cheated the first time)). Poor Asuna, having to deal with that bastard, but something tells me she will eventually get the combination by looking at the pattern( And why is there a panel like that instead of a special lock or something?)
    Once again, Yui is so cute at almost everything she does. I hope she can be reunited with Asuna too, soon.
    About Sugu, wow, they are really different phisically( Sugu and Lyfa), but i seriously thought she had recognized Kirito( let’s face it, Kirito in SAO/real life isn’t THAT different from the Kirito in ALO), even more when she took notice of the look in his eyes. Well, guess she will find out soon somehow, then.
    The goal for the game may having been made to be “impossible” to achieve, but that’s Kirito we’re talking about, he will probably find a way, with his hax skills and stats, this apart from his reaction time and whatever he did when he fought Heathcliff( maybe overcoming the system’s limits because of his will to win?). Go Kirito! Save Asuna! And do what almost everyone who watches SAO wants: GIVE SUGOU WHAT HE DESERVES!!

    Ps: From the picture i saw of the novels( i actually didn’t read The Fairy Dance volumes yet)), i think i may have an idea of what he will do if clearing the game really involves getting all the races together.

    • Vantage says:

      I can’t really remember why a panel is used instead of an admin-only lock, but I think it’s something to do with Sugou’s own sense of self-importance as well as serving to crush Asuna’s spirit even further, as it’s a normal panel that can be opened normally be a normal code, yet she doesn’t have the means to achieve such a simple thing.

      Overcoming the impossible odds is pretty much a given, but the feels that come with it are the true prize xDD And the end of the arc pretty much has a satisfaction guarantee tag on it. The entire fandom would explode if it had a bad ending xD

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