Sword Art Online Episode 16: ALfheim Online


I love cute things.

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7 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “He’s a hero, minus that he landed face first when he descended upon earth.”

    Why can’t I get that idea out of my mind this whole episode XD.

    Btw, SAO is fairly fantasy to me. I don’t think it counts as sci-fi. GGO can be slightly considered sci-fi (with the beam saber and all, although its more apocalyptic than sci-fi), but not SAO. The main difference right now is just that SAO is a fantasy focused completely on swords/weapons and ALO is a fantasy focused majorly on magic and minorly on swords/weapons. I think that’s the real difference between their genres.

    • Vantage says:

      Poor guy…bet it must have hurt xD I wonder if Kirito would have died had he fallen from a higher altitude, like Haruyuki did when he was thrown off Tokyo Tower in AW.

      And I probably should have clarified – sci-fi as in the whole emphasis on introducing a virtual reality and the advanced tech they have in whatever year it is (2022?). But yeah, while Kirito is very familiar with swords, magic is something completely different that forms an important part of battles in ALO, as he’s about to realize in the near future.

      • Wanderer says:

        Ok. I was confused mainly because you were just talking about how scenic ALO was and then talked about SAO being sci-fi (I was thinking, SAO the game looked sci-fi?) in the same sentence. That didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but if you’re referring to the story arcs and not the game then yeah, you’re right on that. Although ALO is still slightly sci-fi too if you’re considering they’re still inside a virtual world lol,

  2. Train says:

    A little late to comment on the review i guess, but i will do it anyway.
    Too bad they did change the scene of Egil showing the picture to Kirito a bit( they did change the box art from the novels right? The one you said that was a picture of Asuna in the cage). So, he was a bartender before as well or did he get a new job once he got out of SAO? Guess he will eventually show up in ALO, i’m kind of looking forward to this. :D
    I remember my eyes got teary when Yui showed up, it was a really emotional scene. And i remember i laughed a little when Kirito decided to poke her like that, haha.
    So, The Black Swordsman from SAO still has his hax skills and stats, huh? Pretty nice, and they gave a good explanation as well. I also noticed his hesitation in deleting his items, poor Kirito ;; Maybe his will return in this game somehow? It would be awesome if they did. I also liked his talk with Yui about not being a beater anymore, just a cheater.
    A thing: If Sugou did it in purpose, he will probably have a big surprise as he probably didn’t take into account that Kirito’s stats/skills would remain the same throughout both games.
    “A game where you can die is too easy.” THAT was a BADASS phrase, hands down.

  3. poo says:

    i wonder why there is a successor for SAO, we knew that the game surprisingly trapped people inside the game and even make people die in real life, nervegear is a dangerous device. After SAO clear, this kind of game and hardware should be destroyed after people logout. But why there is a successor?? The goverment from real world should banned it, isn’t it??

    • Vantage says:

      I think the novels mention that although VR games in general took a massive hit to their public image, the SAO incident was treated as the work of a random madman committing something that was just a one-off. VR technology is far too much an important milestone for people to just drop development completely despite various issues with it, which is why the AmuSphere apparently has increased security that stops things like the SAO incident happening.

      • poo says:

        so AlfHeim Online is different from SAO, players can’t die in real life?? how about if nervegear forced to remove from players which still online? it will still fry the people brain?? though it has more security, it can’t guarantee that this game is safe, i think most people will traumatic with this tragedy and won’t try to use that nervegear again.

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