Sukitte Iinayo Ep 4: Precious Couple

An… acquaintance of Yamato named Kakeru asks him if he could meet Mei. Unsure about whether it’s a good idea, Yamato checks with Mei first and she agrees. The three of them go out for lunch and while Yamato goes to take a call, Kakeru takes his chance to try and make some advances towards Mei. Knowing that the guy is nothing but trouble, Mei leaves.


;w; Wow I love what happened this episode. RESPECT to Aiko for not going down the typical jelly-route!!!

Can I express how much I love characters with backbones and brains? I LOVE THEM!
Because they don’t let people trample all over them and they aren’t overly naive. Mei knew that Kakeru was trouble, and she handled the situation so well  on both occasions (I seriously loved how she was like, “NOPE, DELETE” when she removed Kakeru’s number and left like a boss). She also stood up for Aiko when she overhead the bastard giving the girl crap and then told her that she admire by her desire to change.

Kudos to Yamato for noticing Mei leaving her payment there and picking  up that Kakeru had said something to her. I was also extremely thrilled to see him land a punch on the bastard. Ha, ha, ha, served him right!!!

Kakeru is a disgusting guy. I hate characters like him. He seems to have a high one-sided rivalry with Yamato’s popularity as he gets annoyed how the guy is always the hottest topic around.

Overall really sweet episode. While there is the lack of events going on in comparison to how what you would see in other shows like this (usually there’s a jelly bitch fit fest going on by now), I am enjoying the maturity in the character’s behavior and the development of Mei’s and Yamato’s relationship. What I love about it the most is that Mei isn’t being over the top shy about it. She’s relishing it, and slowly taking steps forward and being affectionate towards him so early on- which is something we really don’t see in any shoujo romance often, or at all.


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