Sukitte Iinayo Ep 3: First Date

When Mei points out that she should probably get her hair cut again, Yamato takes that opportunity to have them go on their ‘first date’. However during their date they run into Yamato’s acquaintances who insists that they join them bowling.


<3 Our two loveable Mei and Yamato went on a date today… well one-sided date in a sense that Mei didn’t really think of it as one until the morning of, and couldn’t help but get a little bit excited about their outing and was twenty minutes late because she was trying to choose what to wear. It was awesome to see that Mei was able to blow everyone out of the water with her epic streak of strikes while bowling.

I love that Yamato decided to share his ‘scars’ from the past. He showed to Mei that he isn’t a perfect person, and that he isn’t someone who she should feel inferior about dating with him. Yamato described himself as a chameleon, blending in with the crowd in order to protect himself, but eventually came to regret it so much after a friend of his became the victim and eventually transferred schools. Even better yet, Mei gave her insight of how Yamato’s personality attracts people to him (very is proven true enough with many characters (Kazehaya from Kimi ni Todoke is a good example) and that he too should try trusting some of his friends a bit more.

Then to top things off, Yamato confesses that he fell in love with her kick (Ep. 1 Stairway Kick), which is just so sweet! <3 And Mei’s response just made it all more precious. Seriously these two are just SO LOVABLE! *Squeals* Yamato asks permission if he can kiss her and LAJSDLKASJDLASKJDKALSD PER~FECT!

Another thing is that I am rather pleased about is that the whole nightmare of jelly didn’t start off right away, but this episode certainly showed who will be behind the ‘first wave’ of attacks, as I’m going to call it.

Last thing I’m going to mention:

Aiko wonders why Yamato likes Mei even though she’s not putting effort into her appearance. The answer is simple. Mei isn’t trying to become an ideal for someone else, she’s being herself, that is all there is to it. When one tries to be something that they are not, how does that make the relationship healthy? It’s not.
By pretending to be someone else or trying to make yourself more “beautiful” in an unhealthy way, how can you love yourself when you don’t have confidence that you being true to who you are? You need to love yourself and not pretend being or becoming something else just because “being you” doesn’t fit your crush’s/love’s/so-called friend’s ‘standards/tastes’.

Being loved for not being yourself, how does that make one happy? For being together with someone, but like that, it would mean that someone would not accept you as whole, doesn’t that make one feel even more lonelier?


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