Sukitte Iinayo Ep 2: Self Conscious

Mei finds herself becoming acquaintances with Oikawa Asami, a girl who is self-conscious about the size of her breasts and who likes Yamato ever since he had too, helped her out in the past.


ASKLJDAKJLASDLKJASD/insert infinity keyboard smashing here


This episode, everything about it was precious! So, so, so PRECIOUS! I mean first off Mei is starting to interact with others, but better off for example: Asami approached her. Rather than the other way around, which we’re so used to seeing efforts wise, Mei is just doing what she feels right. She’s not shy, but she would rather be in the shadows than the spotlight itself.

It made me so happy to see Asami and Mei get along so well, and I hope it continues to do so in the future. It was super sweet of Asami to get a pair of cute cellphone straps and give one to Mei. I was also thrilled about how they both admitted that they liked Yamato, but I’m pretty sure there was a subtle and indirect intention screaming, “He’s not especially interested in you” sort of thing.

All the kisses Yamato had given her, I found it was just sweetest thing, THE SWEETEST THING EVER that he was showing her how different a kiss can be from a greeting to someone he loves. Mei without a doubt just flew head over heels for this guy.

Mei was just fantastic this episode (her dream was PRICELESS). I especially loved how she was jealous, anxious, just rapidly developing deeper feelings towards Yamato. She even went to the karaoke after she received the text that Asami and Kenji are now in a relationship. She had a lot of highlights that made her shine in this episode, so I’d like point our my favorites.

#1) No First Kiss Fit

She did not freak out and start screaming about, “THAT WAS MY FIRST KISS! GIVE IT BACK!” and all that typical cliche crap we’re so used to seeing in both Shoujo and Josei now days. The only argument we got was Mei’s exclamation on Yamato kissing any girl on the whim with no feeling.

#2) A Piece of Advice from the Heart

She knew she couldn’t do much for Asami, but even though she knew she was in no place to give advice, she did so anyways by telling Kenji to be honest. And boom, Asami and Kenji are now in a relationship.
I say a piece of advice from the heart because I believe this is what Mei would have done if she were in such situation.

#3) Standing up for Asami
She didn’t have to speak out, but Mei decided to do so since she was sick of hearing those two bitches trash talk about Asami…. Which earned her quite a wicked bitchslap with three claw nail marks.

Finally, the Opening.
I love everything about the opening, but what really hit me was how soft the song was itself. You don’t hear this kind of softness in Openings often. It’s usually a bit more upbeat but gosh, it was perfect, just perfect.



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