Sukitte Iinayo Ep 1: Love at First Sight [First Impression]

Tachibana Mei ends up accidentally kicking Kurosawa Yamato instead of his friend when he had touched the hem of her skirt. Yamato is stunned, but finds Mei to be interesting as she’s very different from the girls that approach him and decides to try his best to becomes friends with her.

First Impression:

I don’t know how many years ago (maybe two or three?) since I’ve read the manga. I can’t believe forgot the title… (^^;;; Terrible right? And this is such a good one!) so I have no idea where I left off… (Gotta pick it up again!!!!!!)

Talk about Love at First Sight! I really adore Yamato! I like how he’s not being overly persistent when he tries his best to become acquaintance with Mei. I also like that he is able to bring out her true self where she doesn’t feel she has to defend herself and tune out the crowd. Most of all, it made me happy that Mei had someone to call when she realized she was being followed, and that he came for her and give her a kiss to shoo away the stalker.
It was really hard to watch that stalker look over her. It gave me the creeps, the smirk ugh- it was subtle and brief but holy shit, it was so uncomfortable to watch.

My god, Mei is given so much crap, I can hardly blame her solitude. The way she describes friendship is something I and I’m sure many other people easily relate to. She’s one of those characters where I will feel an instant connection with because of the fact I share a similar experience in the past and present. While being alone does give you the benefit of not getting betrayed by the infamous, ‘so-called friends’ you thought you could trust, being together with people allows you to at least have someone to turn to- unfortunately the matter of whether they can be counted on is always the gamble.

Mei is a sweetheart, and I hope she will be given better treatment in the future- but going down the ‘typical shoujo rivalry road’, the girls who adore Yamato will likely to step up their disgusting ‘game’ and give even the poor girl more shit.

The animation and the adaption to the character designs is very well done. I absolutely loved the scene when Mei kicked Yamato, it was so gorgeous. I absolutely loved the symbolism of the cumulonimbus clouds, it really did a great job conveying her losing her patience and tolerance and blew up.

Possibility for Blogging: Guaranteed

PS: I’m loving the trend right now with the kick off of the Fall 2012 Season. So far we have three lovely shoujos titles that are all adapted from the original manga series, and to top things off: All three of them had their First Kiss within the first episode.


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2 Responses

  1. Vantage says:

    Man, I didn’t think much of this show during its first moments, but I was hooked by the end xD Clearly it’s deeper and has more mature themes than the other shoujos this season, but that can prove as interesting as a lighter show like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

  2. Kitty says:

    I’m sold. I think I’ll start reading the manga first, for a bit, then watch the series. Your description of Mei intrigues me, that’s really the reason I want to read/watch the series. XD

    Awesome, now I have two shoujo titles to catch up on..and I thought I’d eventually get a social life.

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