Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 4: Sorata’s Wish

Mashiro ends up being disqualified from the manga competition after her submission was rejected because of the bad ending. Her editor confronts Sorata and hands him Mashiro’s submission where he realizes that his decision and hope to leave Sakurasou influenced the bad ending. Determined to stop making excuses and correct Mashiro’s story conclusion, Sorata hands in his career papers and decide to take upon the challenge and learn how to make video games and enter contests.


Mashiro’s manga is about the exact same job Sorata was assigned, but the character’s genders switched. So the one who plays Sorata’s role in the manga is a girl, and a boy plays Mashiro’s role. Without a doubt, it’s no coincidence that the characters look almost exactly like them. At this point it’s like, character inception or something, I don’t know how else to describe it. It was obvious enough for Sorata to realize it himself within two pages of flipping through.

I really liked that we were able to dig a bit more deeper in Mashiro’s character. She really knows what going on (not that I’m surprised or anything, it was to be expected), and her art plays a big role in conveying her feelings as she doesn’t really seem to know how to express herself verbally or emotionally. She was surprised that she was crying when she was happy, so this is all a new experience for her.

Sorata finally realized that he never really wanted to leave Sakurasou. It’s good that he was able to find a motivation to start somewhere and try hard to follow that wish. The first thing he does is hand in his career paper and sign up for a university aiming for the Media Arts program in hopes to create Video Games. (Hahaha, that’s how I started too! XD)

In the beginning when I watched the first episode of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, I figured the main focus of this show would be comedy. However now I see this show in a new perspective as the mood has been a bit more heavier since the last episode as it has revealed there’s a whole lot more depth to this story, and it’s something that a lot of us can relate to.
Making a decision about your future is tough. Much like Sorata, many of us don’t have a dream, a wish, or a clear goal. We have ideas, but most of the time we don’t follow through or we just don’t love it enough. Some of us would enter programs in CEPEP/College in hopes to maybe find a direction. My experience from jumping from Media Arts, to Theater Arts, to Graphics Programing to Photography to Media Studies to Pastry and back to Creative Writing, a life long childhood dream that I wish and aim to soon accomplish. It can take years to find that dream or goal for the future. It wasn’t until last year when my ultimate goal finally became clear.
When it comes down matter of competition and success, we can’t let ourselves be hindered by the comparisons of the skill levels and talent of others by wasting time due to being plagued by uncertainties and lack of confidence. You’ll never know the results until you try, so just do it!!!!

Overall really good episode. I am looking forward to see how far Sorata will go with learning how to make his own video game. I will not be entirely surprised if this plan will be swept aside in just two episode or so because he either gets bored of it or lose motivation, or find something else that might interest him. This is show is going to be 24 episodes, so there is still plenty of time for many things to happen.

PS: Jinnnnnnnn don’t make Misaki wait too long!!!




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