Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 2: Mashiro Duty

Sorata is forced upon Mashiro Duty all on his own and wounds up in difficult situations time after time again. Mashiro then suddenly calls upon a request, asking him to strip down so that she can use him as her model.



=w= That was a great episode. Poor Sorata, if this keeps up it might kill him. I found it quite funny how Mashiro would repeat herself until someone points out that they understand. In a sense she reminds me of androids not continuing their phrase as it’s stuck in a loop until they are given the proper response or something. I found it even more hilarious how Nanami completely misunderstood and was getting so flustered by usually considered innocent words that was were tainted with perverted thoughts.

Mashiro can be considered as a pampered Princess who never done anything on her own. She however is a genius Artist who has already debuted in the professional field. I feel bad for Sorata because now he feels even more pathetic about not knowing what his ambitions are or at the very least, have any at the moment. I wouldn’t surprised in the future if he ends up going into some field that involves taking care of animals, be it a veterinarians or part of an Animal Rescue team… or more specifically, a Cat Rescue team. ;D Whether he realizes it or not, he does have a passion and that’s taking care of the cats.

Back to Mashiro. She’s bold, and she desires to become a mangaka, but she hasn’t been able to achieve that part of her dream. I’m not professional artist, let alone a rookie, but how I see it is that, a painting (scenarios and such) is drastically different to drawing a manga, because the technique to convey the expressions and impact of the scene are different and the way the story is being told. I could be entirely wrong though. If that is somewhat or is correct, then it makes sense why Mashiro would struggle a bit with creating a manga. Her art may be fine, but the story she’s telling and the impact her characters have on the readers is an entirely different matter, and may very well be her weakness. On top of that she can’t do anything herself (or so she makes it appear to be, it’s a mystery whether she’s doing this on purpose or not for the sake of her story), so it makes me wonder what goes on inside that head of hers when it comes down to creating a storyline and characters for her manga.

Ever since last week since I screamed, “I SHIP IT!” for Misaki and Jin, this episode really made me think a bit more about their relationship. We’re told they’ve been childhood friends, but I think Misaki harbors feelings towards Jin that makes him more than a friend. I also found it interesting that while Jin is a playboy, he cares (is that the right word? Hmm…) about her modesty and doesn’t want to see her naked or putting on suggestive clothing… (I’m pretty sure there’s a better way to describe it than that but it’s not clicking) to the point he wraps a blanket around her and such. I think because of his rejection to all this, Misaki is feeling a bit self conscious about herself or how he feels towards her. Does he consider her as a sister, or simply as a friend, if not secretly more than that? That’s the mystery.



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