Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 1: BRB DYING [First Impression]

Sorata lives in a dorm called Sakurasou, a place known for it’s ‘cray cray’ residents. He is given the responsibility to go and pick up Chihiro’s cousin, Mashiro who is joining them.

Eva’s First Impression:


This is absolutely hilarious!!!!!!! We have another romantic comedy on the list and boy, this I’m sure this will be a fun one. Hopefully the animation quality will stay strong and the storyline works out *eyes J.C. Staff* but hey, funny enough most of the time,  J.C. Staff excels with romantic comedies, so the fact I couldn’t help but feel some subtle Toradora vibes, I’d like to believe that’s a good sign of greater potential of success.

The Sakurasou dorm is filled with unique people. Sorata considers himself ordinary of the bunch and is desperate to get out of there. Yet at the same time, he does feel an attachment to that place and doesn’t regret going there because it makes him different from the crowd. The reason why he had to move to that dorm in the first place was because he had taken in a kitten and it was against the regular dorm rules, and not too long after he finally moved in- his cat family quickly grew as he keeps on finding abandoned cats and he can’t stand turning a blind eye to them.

I like Sorata, I think he will be a great lead. I particularly loved his delayed reaction to seeing Mashiro naked and how he handled the situation and even when he was flustered and embarrassed, he did his job, even if he had to give her clothes and undergarment.

So Mashiro is Chihiro’s cousin who has joined them in Sakurasou as well. She… how do I describe her? She won’t get dressed or up unless someone else makes her, she clearly LOVES undergarments as she has a MASSIVE collection of them, and she’s making a manga at the moment. Nevertheless she’s another interesting and adorable one.

Misaki holy shit, she’s super high on energy (type: Alien is definitely an accurate way to describe her) the minute she wakes up, she loves ‘seducing’ and screaming for the whole neighborhood to clear her sexual jokes. Her loudness and energy burst is very similar to Minori (Toradora). The anime short that Misaki made with an excuse that it was for Mashiro and her dub nailed it.
I was dying from laughter and was practically suffocating myself because I couldn’t laugh out loud otherwise I’d wake up the entire household, but oh my god- hands down, Misaki is definitely going to be my favorite character of the show. That scene was PRICELESS!!!!!!

As for the rest of the cast like  Ryuunosuke and his “Maid-chan”, Chihiro, Jin- just oh my god. They are all awesome.

Finally, I’m taking a wild guess that Hikari (the cat) is jealous of Mashiro since she’s Sorata’s main focus right now and that’s probably why she doesn’t like her.

Overall this was absolutely hilarious! I am really looking forward to watching and covering this show!
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