Robotics; Notes Episode 2: Tanegashimachine-3’s Rebirth

“Here it comes! This half-sweet, half-sour taste from behind the lukewarm dough… Passionfruit tastes so great, so why would you turn it into a Chinese dumpling?!” – Yashio Kaito


In order to win – or rather join – the ROBO-ONE competition, Aki and Kai needs a hobby robot. Since it was impossible to create one in the shortest amount of time, Aki remembers the hobby robot that was once used by her sister and won the competition herself, the Tanegashimachine-3; although it’s old and needs some major replacement which causes them a huge amount of money.

Aki and her persistence tried to get the parts needed with the discount that two students can handle with some advance allowance but failed but then, Kai suggests that they will pay Doc when they have won the competition themselves whereas, Tanemashimachine-3 was reborn being Tanemashimachine-3S… with an awfully complicated controls.


Let me get this straight. I know I shouldn’t be hoping so much… especially in a series that’s sci-fi and comedy and such but… like what I did on Steins;Gate, I did hope for a romance and it did have romance so basically what I’m trying to say is – I AM HOPING FOR A GOOD RAMNCE BETWEEN KAI AND AKI, OKAY!? Well, not that I would hope it right now or immediately but to see Kai cared for Aki so much (let’s ignore that maybe Aki’s sister is behind it) is making me fangirl over the to-be couple! It was shown in the episode that Kai cares so much to Aki and of course her sister and that he did made his word to take good care of Aki and he is doing it right!!!

I wonder what Aki would feel after knowing that Kai really cares for her that he would go to such length as to eat an awfully made Passionfruit just to get some small information that might help her with Tanemashimachine-3’s repair. I’m not really sure if I’m picturing what a passionfruit looks or taste like but with all those cheese?! I was never a fan of cheese or too much cheese and seeing those layers gave me goose bumps that I never needed. But that aside, we get to learn more information about the lady in the convenience store as an information broker (in online games) where they require you a payment – or rather a taste of her awfully made dumpling-like passionfruit.

Just look at how desperate he is just to help Aki… So precious…

So we go to this other character that sells or exchanges electronic parts where Aki and Kai went when they were in need of new parts for Tenashimachine-3. The old man is wise and thinks like what a pro would, as he might have said a couple of times in the episode. He’s also a good person – just me, ignoring the fact that he likes loud music paying in his store that would actually shut your ears if It wasn’t a club and he’s kind enough to give them time to pay for the parts as well especially when Kai suggested that the winning prize will go to him. Well personally, I wouldn’t agree into something so unsure but Doc does have a point that these two guys have some guts to say so.

We also get to bump into another character that we already saw from the previous episode, Hidaka Subaru. He said to have won third place on ROBO-ONE during junior high so I guess that’s a great achievement enough to be popular and plus he’s a cool guy and a tsundere at that. He obviously shows that he cares for the Robo Club – well, not on the members but maybe on robotics and stuff – and says he’s just passing by. It was really cute of him.

Add more characters for Doc’s granddaughter who he hasn’t met for years, Daitoku from another class. Aki plans to use her to negotiate a discount from her grandfather but failed since they are not very close to begin with. Although she mange to get an idea on how Tanemashimachine-3’s finishing move will be which was hilariously demonstrated by the ever awesome Aki. XD

Then we will have this weird disease (?) Elephant Mouse Syndrome (weird name, I know) that Aki has. It was said that it occurs whenever she’s tired or over exhausting herself and what’s more… Kai said it’s “fast forward” but based on his explanation whereas Aki processes 5 minutes as one second, wouldn’t that be “slowing down”? It reminds me of the “Stand still” illness of the guy from Onegai Teacher where he remains 18 for two years (?) only sleeping. Also, this is must be those kinds of skills that sports anime, like Eyeshield 21, and Dragon Balls where 5 minutes takes too many episodes. LOLOL Humor aside, I guess this is one reason that Kai looks after Aki so much that he wouldn’t mind going out on a Sunday just when she called.

Sweet moment is sweet!!!

Well, with this, Aki manage to convince Kai to be the operator for Tanemashimachine-3S for the ROBO-ONE competition but under one condition: Aki must re-do the controls for the hobby robot and make it like in Kill Ballad. Not a bad idea there, really and then Kai suggests they should consult Kill Ballad’s creator for the codes and other stuff. So I guess everything will turn out great with them? XD

The episode ended with a woman, who’s a bishie, being called by Aki but decided to ignore the call. Let’s say she’s Misa, Aki’s sister, based on the hair color?



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Hmmm….. killer passion fruit buns… Um, seriously, non-sweet passion fruits (if you’re unlucky at picking ’em) are already bad. Heat it up in a bun…… ouch….

    Well, I guessing, but the disease could have been that her senses and thoughts are cut off for five minutes but they are still being recorded in her memory, then after five minutes her senses and thoughts will return, and the memory of the past five minutes either just stays as part of her memory or she gets like a fast forward type thing as time fly past her eyes in 1 second. Since there’s no more explanation, that’s all the options I can think of right now.

    I was a little disappointed that they didn’t show any ‘coding’ during the re-work of Tanemashi Machine-san after the parts were gathered. Sorry but its just me being picky about real life. The central microcontroller will require tuning to handle the new hardware added (those extra stuff doc gave). By tuning I mean coding and testing the new hardware, not playing around with a screw driver. Of course, if all Aki did was just replace the batteries then reassembled the robot, then no, coding isn’t required.

    • Linzz says:

      I wondered about the coding as well but since the controller is a bit complicated, It would have been impossible for Aki to just recode some stuff – which could affect the some (or probably most) of the functions on the controller. Or maybe she did code which made the controller more complicated than it was? lol

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