Robotics; Notes Episode 2: Tanegashimachine-3’s Rebirth


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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2 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    Hmmm….. killer passion fruit buns… Um, seriously, non-sweet passion fruits (if you’re unlucky at picking ’em) are already bad. Heat it up in a bun…… ouch….

    Well, I guessing, but the disease could have been that her senses and thoughts are cut off for five minutes but they are still being recorded in her memory, then after five minutes her senses and thoughts will return, and the memory of the past five minutes either just stays as part of her memory or she gets like a fast forward type thing as time fly past her eyes in 1 second. Since there’s no more explanation, that’s all the options I can think of right now.

    I was a little disappointed that they didn’t show any ‘coding’ during the re-work of Tanemashi Machine-san after the parts were gathered. Sorry but its just me being picky about real life. The central microcontroller will require tuning to handle the new hardware added (those extra stuff doc gave). By tuning I mean coding and testing the new hardware, not playing around with a screw driver. Of course, if all Aki did was just replace the batteries then reassembled the robot, then no, coding isn’t required.

    • Linzz says:

      I wondered about the coding as well but since the controller is a bit complicated, It would have been impossible for Aki to just recode some stuff – which could affect the some (or probably most) of the functions on the controller. Or maybe she did code which made the controller more complicated than it was? lol

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