Robotics; Notes Episode 1: The Robot of Justice [First Impressions]


“Energetic strike with the speed of lightning! Gunvarell!”


With a strong will put forth an almost impossible mission to accomplish. A small club that deals with robot invention whereas only two members run it sets the mission. Needing of a fund to deal with the greatest creation of the club has to deal with one thing: Win the Robo-One competition, where different robots from different places of the country must compete with each other, or disband the club and forget the greatest robot of the club. Winning, on the other hand, was not the big problem here but rather, the Robotics Club doesn’t have a hobby robot to enter for the competition.

The episode ends with a mysterious girl showing up just before the sun set saying that there is no change on the current date with a glowing thing on her forehead.

Linzz’s First Impression:

YAYAYAYYYYYYYYY!!! It’s here!!! For once, I have to make an exception for this series since I am not a fan of mecha AT ALL!!! Of course, this is sci-fi, not mecha but still contains robots and all but the fact that you have to follow through an adventure of creating such invention is just so fantastic especially now that the world’s technology is revolving as to such level. Congratulations to 5pb for having another of his visual novel adapted into an anime! /o/

Now, then, let us talk about the series and my first impression! The animation is your usual and plus, it was produced by one with a good name, Production I.G (although there are some series that was made by them that I do not like the animation). The animation simply suits my taste except to one thing: those mechas are just too shinny. LOL But it’s not that I don’t like it but it’s just leaving the impression that this anime is mecha with those shinny metals. HAHA But it has good quality, nonetheless. As for music, there wasn’t really nothing that impressive to talk about except the good choice of opening and ending songs. I personally liked the opening song by ZWEI or must be the bias opinion of my inner fangirl self.

I don’t know if I should agree on the introduction of the first episode, showing what could happen on this series. I have never really a fan of direct spoiler from productions itself but rather, for some sci-fi, maybe it is also a good thing but makes the series predictable – which is a downfall. But of course, since this series concentrates more on the developing of the story and characters and, of course, the robot, it doesn’t matter that much.

Kai actually is pretty cool in this shot. lol

As for our lead character, Yashio Kaito, or sometimes called “Kai”, is your typical beat-me-in-kill-ballad-I-will-help-you kind of guy (okay, that was long). His character design is not that any fancy and perhaps, you must have seen him somewhere on another anime as a coincidence but his simple design is pretty much suited to his personality. He’s particularly cool and maybe will remind you of other characters such as Oreki Hotarou of Hyouka. NO – he is far from Okabe Rintaro of Steins; Gate. The only difference is, he’s a game maniac. LOL But that doesn’t lower his points! He’s quite skilled on playing the game Kill-Ballad 2020 System Link Online where robots of different types battle out by keys. He’s ranked top 5 in the game and is also popular but has lower than average grades. XD He’s also prone to accusations of cheating the game since his speed was said to be quite impossible to handle that even the game creator had to check on him himself. But, of course, that wasn’t true. Even though he’s one of the members of the Robotics Club, he doesn’t really help that much and this is where we’re going to lead to another character.

Good bye Dr. Pepper and hello Skal!!! 8D

Akiho Senomiya, or called “Aki” as well, is just another optimistic heroine you might find in most series but of course, with her awesome level of stupidity and humor to top them all. She has a very interesting character as the chairman of the Robotics Club. Has this high of a level determination and will especially on things that has been settled by her mind as the total opposite of the hero, Kai, actually. But sometimes, the optimistic character of Aki seems to be not that good when it comes to serious talks such as their club, taking up the challenge that was said of their school’s Vice President as their condition in order to attain the funds they needed for their greatest project. Her persistence also reminds me of Gon from Hunter x Hunter. 8D

So, who would still not watch a good sci-fi? Not only that it includes robots but also those things called “pokecoms” (OMG POKEMON!!! D8) which appears to be a small tablet that can act as your TV, PSP, cell phone, and as a controller for a giant robot! The pokecom also has other features and is quite interesting to have in the real world as well.

This awesome gadget has to exist. D8



I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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