Medaka Box Abnormal Episode 2: Kurokami Maguro

“The three pillars that hold up my mentality aren’t friendship, hard work and success. They’re: my sister, my sister and my sister!” 

“As you know, I’m a first class pervert. So during your training I’ll sexually harass you. For no apparent reason, I’ll feel you up all over! Kurokami Medaka, do you think you can complete my training course?”


After encountering and narrowly avoiding being attacked by the Thirteen Party’s Oudo, Medaka and Zenkichi seek help from Medaka’s older brother Maguro in order to train themselves up to stand on par with an Abnormal.

ED Sequence


Mikayounojou Oudo of the Flask Plan is the next person in the Thirteen Party that Medaka officially meets – and also serves as an intro to the first Abnormality to the show, “Weighted Words”. Simply put, it’s pretty obvious that he’s one of the main antagonists of the arc, and as luck would have it, he reeks of arrogance. Compared to his partner Yukuhashi, he’s absolutely full of himself either because of his Abnormality or just because of his personality in general – he views himself as a literal king, and expects all his subjects to literally bow down to him, forcing the use of his power if they defy him. People like him often have…irregular childhoods, and it’s most likely that he developed his Abnormal status through being mistreated as a child, and somehow coming to view himself as a king.

Um…he’s also after Medaka, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable inside (as Medaka is supposed to be unattainable and all). Either that or she belongs to Zenkichi. It’s not really that he’s romantically interested in her but more that she’s a monster herself and Oudo wants someone as powerful as that being submissive and subservient to him, the king – he’s got a warped idea of what love should be, anyway. On Medaka’s side of things, she’s finally met a beast that’s far greater than herself, who is able to make her literally prostrate down to him – and for someone like the all-powerful and amazing Student Council President, I can see how she’s interested in him to some degree. Also, he made her blush, which is not a very Medaka-like thing to do.

We seem to be meeting loads of characters vying for Medaka’s love today, with another one Medaka this time willingly turns to for help – the open siscon Kurokami Maguro, the manager of the Ghost Babel site and a former member of the Flask Plan. This guy is…a total and utter pervert. It’s hilarious what kind of devotion he has to Medaka, with his room completely full of Medaka posters and memorabilia – mugs, keychains, oppai mousepads, dakimakura, pencils, slippers, dolls – he’s got it all. It must feel so…flattering to be so completely and utterly worshipped, by your own onii-chan no less. With his sexual harassment training, I can see very clearly why Medaka did not want to come and see Maguro alone.

Naturally, being Medaka’s brother he’s also an Abnormal, with his Abnormality being “Analysis”. Essentially it’s the power to manage people – to figure out their physical or mental abilities and statuses, and train them to grow and improve. It apparently works with analysing things like stocks or figures as well, and it was Maguro that brought the Kurokami group to its greatness. That kind of power is invaluable to the Flask Plan, who wants to create the perfect human; an artificial genius. Maguro, who wants the thrill of being able to make a person with no skills become a perfect human aligns him well with the Flask Plan…it’s just that the price he had to pay (i.e. organs he had to donate) might have not been worth it in the long run, especially since he very readily quit after his health got poor. It must really have been hell for him to not want to tell Medaka in order to protect her – but hey, he must think Medaka and Zenkichi have at least a bit of a chance against the Thirteen Party if he’s willing to train them.

I’m looking forward to next week, featuring a meeting with Oudo and the beginning of the adventure! Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this tease of Anshin’in-san (or Ajimu Najimi, whatever you want to call her), who is in the ED as well as the OP despite not even being in this arc.


I love cute things.

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