Little Busters! Episode 4: Chicken or the Egg

“One day, an egg became a chick. The chick became a hen, and laid an egg. After taking three steps, the hen forgot that it was once an egg, and laid an egg. One day…that egg became a chick. The chick became a hen…and the hen forgot everything…”


When Riki visits Komari up on the roof to hand her some sweets Rin offered as thanks for patching up one of her cats, he learns that Komari has been dreaming of having an onii-chan. She later reveals that she has a picture book supposedly wrote by him, however her mother is hiding something and will not breach the subject. Later on while the Little Busters are helping at a retirement home, Riki meets an old man who stays away from Komari – as his name turns out to be Kamikita Kojiro.


The first thing I want to touch upon today is Komari’s picture book story of a chick hatching from an egg – and from what little I know of the future events in the series, I can tell that this is some massive, massive foreshadowing. The egg hatches into a chick, which grows into a hen and forgets it was ever an egg, laying another egg itself that grows into a forgetful hen-to-be. The cycle is endless, going on and on – and each time the hen keeps forgetting, never remembering what it once was. That can…be very specifically applied to some of our characters later on in the show, and I’ll definitely be giving a shout-out back to this point in the future. Aside from foreshadowing, it was something pretty serious and unusual for our usually bubbly Komari, and immediately with that look on her face you can tell that something is wrong, because Komari never, ever looks like that.

I suppose this is a Komari arc in a way, and serves as the start of the drama aspect of the show. More specifically  it’s Komari’s arc surrounding her onii-chan that she may or may not have. It’s very vague right now, and it’s hard to make any predictions but I think it’s safe to say that she does in fact have an older brother named Takuya, and her mother is most likely hiding something or lying to her, as Komari figured out on her own. Having dreams about an onii-chan may just be a desire of yours, but a picture book supposedly written by him (with his name on it) is a sure sign that not all is right with the world. From the visit to the retirement home we found out that Kojiro has Kamikita as his surname…might he be Komari’s grandfather? And because he’s talking about not having seen her for a long time, and she has no idea who he is…hints at the possibility that there was an incident that split apart some members of the family, including Kamikita Takuya. Though that doesn’t explain why Komari can’t remember anything about his identity.

We were also introduced to Kud the loli, who didn’t turn out to be the next immediate recruit for the Little Busters (though she’ll join eventually I’m sure) but instead just a random transfer student who is masquerading that she knows a lot less about Japan than she actually does. Also, she’s from Finland xD She hasn’t got enough screentime for me to form a proper opinion of her just yet, but she doesn’t have that annoying type of voice that many lolis nowadays have, so that’s a definite plus in my book. Who knows, maybe Kud will turn out to have a very deep backstory just like Komari surprisingly does. Actually, it’s not so surprising – I can recall a few airhead personalities that are actually pretty deep and conflicted inside.

Anyway, Rin and her cat noises as well as Inohara✮Masato made my day, though all I’ve really got to say is that it cracked me up, especially the last one. Oh Masato. Ever bearing the brunt of our jokes. One day you shall triumph, and muscles shall rule the world xDD


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. Irustua says:

    Don’t worry that much, even if this is her arc, she will still be apearing later in other stuffs, she’s one of the most important heroines.

    • Vantage says:

      Ah, good! I’ve recently picked the VN up again, hopefully I can get a bit further through some of the routes this time (as well as improving on my batting skills xDD)

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