Little Busters! Episode 2: Narcolepsy

“There is a secret in this world.”

Yeah, I know having Rin as the front image totally takes away the seriousness of the caption xD


On the roof, Riki meets Kamikita Komari, a ditzy girl who loves sweets and always seems to be cheerful. Upon deciding to undertake a strange set of tasks in order to discover a “secret” about the world, Riki and Rin enlist the help of the Little Busters in cleaning up a storage shed, with Komari coming to help them out. She eventually decides to join the group, and passes Kyousuke’s test with flying colours, managing to befriend Rin at the same time.


Oh man, this show cracks me up, even if its already way past midnight and I’m barely holding out. We were introduced to her last week, but this time she gets a proper introduction: Kamikita Komari, the resident moeblob of Little Busters. And indeed, she’s so moe it hurts xD Let’s all suffer rapid tooth decay together as we consume the sweetness that is Komari, who also seems to add ditzy, blonde and big boobs to her list of notable features. She also has anteater panties, if you’re into that sort of thing. Anyway, she’s the kind of person that brightens up your day when you’re around her, and seems to be forever cheerful – if only I knew someone like that. While slightly ditzy, she does hint at being a really wise person, yet has decided to have a positive outlook on life, doing the things that make her happy. It’s a way of life I’d love to follow, but sadly, reality is not that straightforward, and I think I might have said this in one of my posts last week, but WHY IS THIS NOT REAL LIFE ;_; The Little Busters will benefit greatly from adding Komari to their ranks, even if it only came about through one of Kyousuke’s random impulses.

We also got a bit more elaboration on Rin, who surprisingly doesn’t have many friends. It’s fairly realistic though – the fact that she’s popular with the boys does alienate her from some of the girls at school, who are probably jealous over her looks or abilities. It’s the kind of thing that happens, though I didn’t expect Rin to have no friends at all other than the Little Busters. Quite ironic that she’s grown up only hanging around boys xD It was really heartwarming to see Rin manage to finally make friends with Komari, who is too happy of a person to care about what others are saying about Rin – and watching them interact really is cuteness overload. I swear, I’m going to get addicted to this or something xD

It was a fairly static but enjoyable episode, and the last thing I want to mention is something that was slightly hinted at, but wasn’t elaborated on. The “secret” that was so mysteriously made light of through Rin’s cat Lennon is has already set off my internal alarm, and the fact that it’s surrounding “this world” makes it seem like there’s a much bigger issue at hand rather than the daily school lives Riki and his friends are experiencing. I know it’s something big, and the rapid flashes Riki had while the letter was being read all but confirmed that this “secret” is not something to be made light of. From my searching, I think I have a fairly good idea of what it is, as well as why the wording of “this world” was used, if what I’m thinking of is right. Even more foreshadowing is the narcolepsy Riki suffers from, causing him to become “disconnected from the world” at various times he is not in control of. That’s a really spooky condition, and I can’t help but think there’s something darker behind all this. We may be still at the stage of watching the Little Busters build up their baseball group, but the seeds of future discontent have already been sown, and Riki himself wanting all his days to be calm and peaceful pretty much implies that his days will be anything but that, and that some form of darker disruption will be arriving soon.


I love cute things.

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