Little Busters! Episode 1 [First Impression]: Let’s Play Baseball!

“Let’s do something only we can do now, then.”


When Riki’s parents died, a group of kids calling themselves the Little Busters helped him stand up on his own two feet again, befriending him and playing together with him. Now in high school, the return of their leader Kyousuke prompts Riki to ask if they can do something just like in the old times before the group breaks up, and Kyousuke suggests forming a baseball team together.


Welcome to Little Busters! The first thing you guys should know is that this was originally a Key visual novel – that is, the company who made Air, Clannad and Kanon among many others. That already gives it a high benchmark of comparison, and indeed I’ve heard the VN was spectacular. Personally I’ve started the VN (haven’t gotten very far though) and heard enough from friends about Little Busters Refrain to know about the storm of feels, so I’m expecting lots and will hopefully receive lots.

So the titular Little Busters are a group of friends who have helped our protagonist Riki heal his mental scars from his parents’ death, befriending him and pretty much getting his life back on track. Something I really admired was how strong their bonds of friendship were – it’s a tried and true concept in many other shows, but seeing a group of friends still maintain their relationship without being affected by life and growing up warms my heart a little. There’s nothing to separate the Little Busters from each other – it’s clear that titles don’t matter at all between them. It doesn’t matter that Rin or Kyousuke are school idols, or that Kengo is a kendo champion – they act perfectly normally to each other. It’s because of all this that there’s a slight hint of foreboding especially when you recall that this is a Key work; the bonds the Little Busters have with each other are likely to be tested soon enough. The drama and romance may take a little time to set in, but when it does, it’ll do so hard and fast.

The slice-of-life is strong in this show, and so are the characters. For now, I think Riki is fairly average for a main character (you play as him in the VN after all) though his past is something that may be elaborated on in the future. Masato is easily the joker of the group, and holds the brawn as well, however my ever-pessimistic mind is thinking that there may be a more serious and deep side to him. And if not him, then perhaps Kyousuke, who turns to baseball to try and achieve something meaningful as a group before their inevitable break up. Also, Rin – easily far too cute for her own good, and I think I hear her original seiyuu from the VN. All the jokes were carried out really well, and I feel that I won’t tire of them easily.

Among the fantasy and action shows airing this season, Little Busters definitely provides a nice change in the form of a drama/slice-of-life, and I think it’ll be something I enjoy every week. It couldn’t possibly hurt to spend Saturday watching the exploits of the Little Busters and their attempts to recruit for their baseball team, could it? If not for the amazing OST (reminiscent of the VN), at least do it for Rin.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Guaranteed 

Now I need to go refresh my memory with the VN…


I love cute things.

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