Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 3: Nanami’s First Task

Princess Himemiko of the Swamp makes an appearance at the shrine in request for Nanami to help her reunite with a boy named Urashima Kotarou whom she met ten years ago. Ignoring Tomoe’s protest, Nanami accepts and takes on her first real job as a Land God.


<3 <3 I’m so happy Himemiko has finally debuted, she’s one of my favorite characters. During this arc she doesn’t get much time to shine, but in the future she definitely will- but it’s a question whether or not the anime will cover the arc- *eyes Production Crew* and done properly.

Kotarou is a shy boy, he is an expert with the rubik cube. I found it utterly adorable how Himemiko clamped his face and snuggled up with him. What I found really funny was how she was attracted to him at first because of his crying face /pffth.

It’s good to see Nanami making progress as a Land God, it’s a shame they left out the detail that by practicing with the shirofuda too much, it drains her energy and makes her exhausted altogether. But the more she practices, the stronger she’ll get.

Once again, I was rather pleased to see the bare minimum changes and cuts from this arc. However there’s a couple of things that really bothered me throughout the episode, and it was that nagging thought of, “Why did they re-arrange the order? What was the point of it? How did it benefit the production?

You see, Kurama actually debuts AFTER Himemiko. And the canon  (aka manga) reason why Nanami went for ice cream with Tomoe was that she missed going to school. It’s a bit frustrating knowing that everything would’ve definitely flowed more smoothly if they just had followed the path.  And finally, it’s a real shame that they actually cut out Tomoe’s POV of Nanami and her classmate whatever his name is going on about her family’s debts and how her father abandon her. Tomoe during this scene actually saw it as ‘lovey dovey’.

Honestly speaking, I don’t want to rant too much about the show, but seriously I need to get this off my chest.
It’s been three episodes and I’m already SICK of the shoujo bubbles. They are really abusing it and it’s starting to drive me insane. The animation also faltered quite a bit, I hope it will be touched up in the DVD/BD release, whether I’ll ever get the chance to see whether it happens or not varies on whether this show gets a physical release by Funimation. Although, at this point if the anime just turns out crappy, despite the fact how much I love the series, I might not even bother investing in it.

Next week we meet Mizuki, but aw man- I’m hoping it’s part of their ‘re-arranging’ the order of events rather than entirely cutting out an arc that contains a vital plot device. Without it, my god- this whole adaption, without a doubt will crash and burn. I don’t mean to be negative, but they CAN’T. LEAVE. THAT. OUT! That’s just how important it is.



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12 Responses

  1. tchoke says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading your review for Kamisama Hajimemashita for awhile now, even though it’s just 3 episodes so far. And yeah, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND YOUR FRUSTRATION WITH THE BROKEH AND REARRANGEMENT OF ARCS ARGH. But for this episode when Nanami first uses word bind on Tomoe, I’m SO glad that they followed the scenes exactly like the manga panels (sit down and start making up with the fish!) because Tomoe’s expression was just so priceless.

    Also apparently Nobuhiko Okamoto, who’ve done roles like Usui Takumi and Okumura Rin, is voicing for Mizuki which I find really odd because I’ve always imagine Mizuki to have a more gentle effeminate voice, since he always has that smiling veneer. So I’d picture him somewhere along the voice of Yoshinori Fujita (Hitachiin Kaoru/Hiroaki Ogata) but maybe it’s just me, hahaha

    • Eva says:

      :3 Thank you for reading!
      Yeah definitely, but I have to admit that even that scene when Nanami used the word bind felt… lacking. Maybe it was just me, but I didn’t feel that it left the same impact as it did in the manga. It felt like there was a slow delay. I think it might have had to do with Nanami actually speaking the order and since she didn’t do it as quickly as I pictured how she said it in the scene might be why I felt slightly disappointed – not to mention it’s one of my favorite pages.

      Hmmm….. When I think about Mizuki’s voice, I imagined that he’d have a mischievous tone and sound a bit needy or something along the lines. But now that you mentioned it, I can easily picture him with Hiroaki Ogata’s voice. He is definitely the closest to what I’d expect as well. xD

  2. Mai says:

    I think what made that make up with fish scene lacking was that the phrase arrow came out first than Nanami’s voice. It wasn’t sort of synchronized for me, and so the effect was…not immediate.

    Anyway, I heard some clips of the drama cd, and I think the way Nobuhiko portrayed Mizuki’s voice was quite good. I don’t know about Usui’s anime voice, but Mizuki’s voice by Nobuhiko definitely didn’t sounded like Rin. It was more cheerful and…playful…and not deep? I don’t know. It was just really different.

    The drama cd clip is in YT btw…if you haven’t heard of it yet… ^^ Thanks for the review!!! The arc I’m anticipating the most is actually the chibi Tomoe one! I wish they would really animate that part!! The lack of such arc will ruin the anime for me. But I somehow have a nagging belief that they’ll show it because they placed that scene at the night fog car…which is a good comparison of development in Nanami’s part…^^

    • Eva says:

      //I think what made that make up with fish scene lacking was that the phrase arrow came out first than Nanami’s voice. It wasn’t sort of synchronized for me, and so the effect was…not immediate.//

      I’m relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who felt that way!!!

      Is the Drama CD the one from Vol 13 LE? I have it but I haven’t listened to it yet – someone kick me now! OTL|||

      • Mai says:

        You mean the limited edition one with the vol 13?? Yeah I think. Ü You can type Kamisama Hajimemashita drama cd in YT and it’ll pop up. If you don’t have the cd that is (I don’t have one too.) ^^

        • Eva says:

          Okay thanks! XD I just know there’s one or two going around that isn’t the one included with Vol 13 LE so I wasn’t sure ahahaha. I’m hoping someone has translated it *goes to google search now* XD It’s a shame I don’t understand Japanese, working on it though! /notevenworthbeingcalledanovicewhentheonlythingiknowbyheartisあandacoupleofwords

          • Mai says:

            Haha I can’t understand Japanese too Ü There are translations in the YT comments, so it makes sense. ^^ YW XD

            • Eva says:

              *FACEPALM* YT means youtube right? Oh my god i can’t believe how long that took me to figure out!!! I’m so out of it! XD
              Thanks for sharing!

  3. tchoke says:

    Oh yeah yeah, about that delay. It’s probably because they added an extra ECU shot of Tomoe shaking hands with the fish, so it kinda slowed down the whole comedic effect but oh well.

    Hmm, I haven’t heard the drama CD yet but I will tho. I’m looking forward to see chibi Tomoe too! Because that’s also the arc where we first see Tomoe’s youkai form (OH DAT LONG HAIR) and judging from the ED, it’s safe to say it’s likely to be animated. Besides that arc’s actually pretty important later into the manga so yeah, I’m keeping my hopes up! ^^

    And thanks, I’ll be looking forward to your next review!

    • Mai says:

      I see. Didn’t know it could affect like that Ü You should check it out! It’s really nice to hear haha Ü I can imagine Mizuki moving in my mind XD

  4. Mai says:

    @Eva: YW Ü Sorry for not elaborating though >.<

    • Eva says:

      ^____^/// Don’t worry about it, if I weren’t out of it, I would’ve realized it immediately. I use the same abbreviation all the time.

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