Kamisama Hajimemashita Ep 2: The Woes of being a Land God!

Nanami decides to return to school after hearing about Kurama a famous pop star having transferred there. Tomoe only allows her to go under the condition to wear a hat to hide her God’s mark. However things don’t turn out as Nanami as hoped when she not only humiliated by the hat, but put on the spot and framed by Kurama himself.

Impression: Don’t ask why I entitled this post the way I did, I don’t even know either

Good news guys, Funimation added this title to their list. So you can watch legally it here: Does this mean they are going to release it on DVD/BD? I’m not entirely sure, but I do hope so!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh that was a good episode! They paced it so much better and I absolutely loved it, huge improvement compared to last week’s debut! I was cracking up as much as I would whenever I read the manga. I can tell that I am already going to be a fan of Kurama’s Character CD-  that is, if comes out (I think it’s safe to assume that it will). I really liked the touch of how they put in his music almost every time he popped up sometimes I can find this annoying (and I probably will get annoying if they continue this throughout the entire show),  but for Kurama… especially when he was turned into an ostrich- that was a major humor highlight for me.

Kurama, ahh… yes. This episode reminded me just how much of a jerk this guy was to begin with. Obnoxious brat who is oblivious of his mischief of framing Nanami of stealing his money, and being completely full of himself.

Nanami was being Nanami, just as she is in the manga. Sheds a couple of tears because humiliation and 30 seconds later, BOOM, SHE’S BACK. She’s a nice girl so even though Kurama was a jerk to her, she didn’t let Tomoe serve him for supper and made sure to tend his face, reminding him how important it is for idols/stars to take care of themselves for their fans. Her desire for a sweet high school life to have friends and all like the “Beverly Hills High School Diaries” novel she reads isn’t quite within her reach yet (LOL).

Tomoe is awesome. He never cease to amuse me when it comes down to entertaining himself with thrills and coming up with unique meal that would be a win win situation in a sense of following Kurama’s wish in another and much different perspective, aka ostrich for dinner.
I’m gradually getting used to his voice, at times I do wish it were slightly deeper but it’s definitely growing on me. By the next episode, I shouldn’t be nitpicking about it in the back of my head.

So far I have to say they are following the manga quite loyally, so that’s one of the major reasons I was especially pleased with how the episode turned out. They didn’t shift and skip particular events last they did in the first episode. I also love that they change Tomoe’s fan colors to match his outfits. Typically now days they skip minor things like that when it comes to clothing the characters because it’s probably a hassle, but gosh I LOVEEE IT.

Oh yeah and finally, uh… Mikage LOLOLOL, just appeared out of no where. He doesn’t do that in the in manga, but I think they wanted it to be clear that the butterfly you see fluttering around represents/ is connected to Mikage. It’ll be used quite a bit in the future (varying on how far we go in this adaption), so don’t forget that.

NEXT WEEK WE GET TO SEE OUR BELOVED HIMEMIKO OF THE SWAMPPPP! She’s such a precious character, I can’t wait!!!!!! She actually debuts before Kurama in the manga, but it’s not uncommon for the manga adaptions to have switch around orders of events.  I just hope they don’t cut out Nanami’s practice with her powers, I expect to see it in the beginning of next week’s episode.


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